Own A Personal Condo

Own A Personal Condo

If you are one of the many people that own a condo you will understand the principles behind good management skills to make sure that the complete condos are taken care of inside and out.

Common Areas
You might find that there are common areas in your complex where you and a neighbour or neighbours all need access to, like a hallway. These will be need to be kept clean and fresh and not a dumping ground for different items that cannot fit into your flat. It is having the respect for your neighbours that is important here. It will be part of the HOA that will need to keep the area clean but if you can save money and do it together then it might be beneficial to you both.

It is always a good idea to have bays that are for use of a condo and not to use your neighbour’s spaces because that could potentially cause some problems and become a difficult situation. If they are clearly marked and respected it will mean that the situation will never arise and a potentially embarrassing situation is avoided. If there is no parking on the site of the condo then you will need to consider where you will park your car and if you actually need a car.

Outside Space
If you are lucky that the condo has outside space then if you are allowed to use this space make sure that you follow any of the guidelines that the HOA have put in place. You do not want to make anything that might course problems with your neighbours and get you into trouble with your HOA. This can be related to having BBQ’s or even let an animal poo and not cleaning it up afterwards.

Updating Your Condo
If you are thinking about doing any sort of updating work on your condo you will need to take into consideration of your neighbours, they will not appreciate you doing major remodelling at unsocial hours especially if they are in close proximity to you. You might need to go to your HSO and ask about any guidelines that they offer because you will need to make sure that any remodelling doesn’t affect the rest of the building structurally in any way.

Common Places
·         Shared access can be difficult if one person does not respect the other neighbours and this can cause conflict.
·         Bin areas can be a source of vermin if not looked after properly.

·         Make sure you stay in bays that belong to your condo.
·         Talk to neighbours or HOA if parking is becoming difficult this can be something they can sort rather than upsetting one person.

·         Take into consideration the time that you intend to work.
·         Take into consideration any consequences of your action on the rest of the building and do not potential cause structural damage.

Outside Space
·         Clean up after your pet.
·         Don’t miss use any area and then leave it for someone else to clean up.

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