10 Things You Should Do While at College

Being a student is one of the best states a human may endure: active social life and awesome independence experience, sleepless nights and intense field trips, making thousands of contacts and having a whole world to conquer ahead of you. Most importantly, your student years are a one and only chance to lay an important foundation for your future career, so there is a number of important things you should be doing in between craving for exams and partying.

Learn speed reading techniques… and use them

No matter what it is you will end up doing, being able to acquire and process big quantities of information fast will greatly benefit you. And if you learn to use it while still in your first year, the whole terror of “how many pages till next week?” will no longer frighten you.

Get a hobby... preferably a weird one

Standing out from the crowd of thousand of graduates competing for the job you want is hard. Maybe it will be your surfing passion or special meditation practices that will connect you with the interviewer and guarantee you the spot. Besides, all the big business is done far away from office premises.

Think seriously about the question “Who am I?”… And answer it honestly

One of the hardest things all fresh graduates face is finding their niche. The sooner you start expanding your boundaries of understanding your passions and current position, the better you will be equipped to find your place and mission in the world. And having a goal also solves the problem of having a hard time waking up every morning.

Intern and volunteer… For real, not for the sake of appearance

Besides adding more lines to your CV, charity foundations and social work give you the best start up experience you can get.

Go abroad… Then go again

Being global is not important – it’s vital. Think of the market you will be entering after graduation as a Global Village in which you have to be aware of cultural details and be flexible where needed.

Don’t Neglect Foreign Languages… Especially Chinese

You know why this is important. The trick is to learn it when you are still at college, not when you are sent on a business trip to China.

Learn to save money

Sometimes taking a good starting position with lower wage but higher prospects is the best chance to secure the career you want. So learning to economize and live in accordance with your means is crucial, and if you have the chance to set some money aside as a “safety fund” – always choose that over an extra trip or gadget.

Debate and discuss… And learn from the best

Being skilled in negotiations is what distinguishes a successful manager from a bad one. Don’t miss out on a good discussion in the class and do find out what is that debate club actually doing at your school. Read Great Leader’s essays and speeches.

Learn Psychology

Hardly any job nowadays doesn’t require social interaction. Learning basic principles of how our subconscious tricks us allows you to understand the reason behind people’s behavior and bring out the best in you and people around you.

Make friends with nerds…Or at least be nice to them

You never know where each one of you will end up. And if its not going to be you applying for a job with them, it might be them who you will want working for you.

All these things are not burdensome and actually interesting to do. They will make your student life even more fun and career prospects even brighter.

Author Bio: Kelly J. Harris is one of the main writers at http://phdify.com/. She often works with students so knows how to spend your college years with a maximum benefit and gladly share this information. In this article she collected the most essential criteria of successful student life.

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