Proof Reading Services

We are a team of English proofreaders and copy-editors and have been working as a professional freelancers for over ten years, having trained and qualified at the Publishing Training Center.
Proof Reading Services 

We offer a genuine, fast and reliable service, which is why our clients continue to use our services. Clients include publishers, private book authors, businesses, government advisory bodies, charities, academic authors (professors, lecturers, post-doctoral researchers) as well as research students, including international students.

However, most of our clients are book authors. Did you know that many publishers and literary agents will not even consider looking at a manuscript unless it has been professionally proofread? Whether your manuscript is fiction/non-fiction/academic, Our aim is to bring your work to the highest standard possible required for publication. Attention to detail is imperative, and all work is guaranteed confidential.

We also work on business literature, website content, student dissertations, in fact anything that goes into print. Whether you are in Oxford, Birmingham, Hong Kong, China, India, France, Spain or Dubai, you can submit your manuscript to us in Word format by email.

• Proofreading & copy-editing
• Manuscript editing
• Writing (websites, business copy, ghostwriting etc)
• Proofreading for students (research papers, dissertations, Phd theses etc)
• Business communications, brochures, publications etc
• Website editing

We are happy to provide a free sample edit of our work. Just email your document (or just a few pages) together with the approximate word count to and we will return it to you with our corrections and quote

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