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Now a days With businesses competing with one another for creating a unique web presence, web design and development has become a daunting task, Specially Web designing at  where your business means showing your presence. We can surely make you win this epic battle with our expertise, and make your website stand out from the rest. We have proven strategies from our previous works with regards to web design & development because we understand the new age demands of the web.

Our web designers and ecommerce engineers can develop anything from a basic ecommerce website to complex web portal, web applications and content management systems. Using well defined standards and frameworks our engineers deliver flexible, robust and secure solutions. We make sure that with all these quality measures we maintain the good looks and professional feel. Usability is the key factor when designing websites at  .If the website is usable and friendly it lure visitors repeatedly and make sure that they keep coming back again and again but more importantly it’s the word of mouth, we make sure that your visitors are impressed by the website and they spread the word like a wildfire. We exercise our imagination and expertise and use our professional skills to impart usability to your website.
It is only the competition which makes our tasks challenging but winning over others makes our efforts meaningful and rewarding. It is only this self-belief that has helped us deliver remarkable web design in  and all over again and again. You provide us the opportunity to display our web business intelligence and we do the rest for you better than you ever thought because we listen to you and are all ears for all your business needs. We at MyMagicJobs have made it our habit to listen to the customer so that we can provide the best work.


With the use of Web tools and our expertise at MyMagicJobs,We can help you develop Enterprise applications which is better that most web development companies at . Whether you need to develop a new Product for your business or are looking to overcome a challenge with a web based solution, our expert web development  team can help you achieve your goals within set time lines with our niche programming skill. Ecommerce development has  taken  the most Importance place  in the modern day business world. It has helped not only commercial units but end-customers as well  to break the barriers of time and distance to sell, buy and transact business all over the globe.
MyMagicJobs offers easy ecommerce solutions from complete design, front-end development to backend development. We understand the security concerns and risks and we provide help getting your website Compliant to all security frameworks. We implement high encryption Certificates to secure the transactions and sensitive data transmitted over your website. We are experts in delivering the most secure frameworks with ease. We make all possible attempts to ensure your customers feel secure and comfortable shopping on your website.
Our team of website development  at MyMagicJobs makes sure that we are highly customizable according your needs and we can adjust the framework according to your needs and demands.


We make Website Maintenance a simple, stress-free experience for you. You will be assigned to our website development  team who knows you and your project; you won't have to take pain and have to start at square one explaining all your project and needs. We are specialized in providing personalized web maintenance service. It’s the reason so many of our clients have been with us for long term. To keep your website fresh, new and relevant, regular content updates can be an inexpensive way to keep in contact with your clients.
The website development  team has the expertise to transform creativity to technology in delivering competitive advantage to businesses in almost all sectors. Keeping updated with the latest technological trends and having an excellent management and training staff we make sure to give the best to our clients.
It is often said that the content is the king and content is in essence, a type of digital information you wish to share with your customers visiting your site. Content can comprise of text, images, graphics,videos,sounds,documents,records or anything , whatever you can manage in electronic format.
Our team works with you in understanding your requirements and suggests you solutions that fully correspond to your needs. Website design  team provides conceptual, functional & presentation development to your company and help you grow in all respects. We have expertise in all segments of your business including business Solutions, CRM/Sales force Solutions , ERP & SCM Solutions , HRMS Solutions , Custom Enterprise Application , Web Design & Development , Design & Usability,Web Application Development, Website Development , Content Management Systems , Ecommerce Development and anything you can think of.

MyMagicJobs gives you complete peace of mind by offering a comprehensive website maintenance service.You just have to forget about having to lose sleep over error nous web pages and uneasiness that repel visitors. With our team of web designing New York Team, your website gets the close scrutiny and user friendliness that only professional service provider can offer.Website maintenance includes everything and anything from revising, editing text or structure,new photos or framework, services, products, etc or changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. How often to update varies greatly from business to business. It can be as little as once every couple of months to as much as daily updating, depending on your needs, whether you're selling products or services, etc.

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