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Resume Tips

Let me guess, you're applying for jobs and need a bit of advice...The good news, I'm confident your resume and supporting materials will gain greater exposure if you soak up my advice and act on my recommendations.
You yourself are a brand. Too often do people focus on continuously revising their resumes without taking their individual, digital brand health into consideration. In addition to your resume, supporting materials like your social media profiles will be taken into account as well. It's important to carve out some time to ensure the quality of your resume and/or cover letter are in-tune with your individual brand elsewhere. At present, if your resume is successful in passing the initial applicant filter, expect recruiters and managers to view your Linkedin, G+ and Facebook at the very least.
Digital Brand Health

While your resume is certainly important, it also must fit onto one page. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to expand on your resume in a detailed and organized way without sacrificing the quality and quantity of your content .  


Your Facebook profile settings should be set to PRIVATE. Take the time to review your friends and remove anyone you are no longer close with. If you're applying for a job and are granted an interview (either phone or in-person), there is a very good chance someone from the company will attempt to view your Facebook. Your personal life should remain private, not public, especially when you're actively seeking new career opportunities.


If you don't have a Google + account, you by no means need to get one. With that said, I highly recommend it. G+ is more than just a social network, it's a social network with a professional twist. If you take the time to create a profile and fill it out in its entirety, it will serve to benefit you in the long-run. Employers want to know you're in-tune with the digital world and G+ is one of the newer platforms that's beginning to gain some serious traction.


If you're looking to rejoin the workforce, Linkedin is the most important social media platform to be integrated with. If you have not taken the time to build out and expand upon your Linkedin profile, you've shot yourself in the foot. The saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" remains a powerful sentiment in today's day and age. The professional world is all about networking and Linkedin has done an incredible job making the world of professional networking and communication streamlined, efficient and effective. I've spent quite a lot of time strengthening the overall thoroughness of my Linkedin profile - Feel free to reach out and connect if you're looking for additional career advice; I'm more than happy to help.


About.Me is a free website that gives you the ability to create a simple, but elegant personal bio/profile with a distinct and custom URL. I highly recommend designing and completing your own page; employers will certainly be impressed. In today's world, having a website dedicated to yourself is a growing trend and makes it easier than ever to create one of your own.

Your Resume
Your resume will typically be the first piece of material reviewed by the employer. If it's not up to par with their expectations, you have no chance of being granted an interview; they'll simply throw it aside and move on to other applicants. In order to increase your chances, be sure to do the following:
1.       Limit your resume to one page maximum, but keep in mind your text must be large enough to read with ease.
2.       The top of your resume should open with an "objective statement." In one precise sentence, let the employer know your professional interests, but be sure to custom tailor your objective statement for each employer.
3.       Chronological ordering of events.
4.       Descriptions for each experience should be listed in bullet points. Be sure to include quantitative data/statistics wherever possible. Employers don't want to hear you were an asset to your team, instead, they want to know your work helped increase department revenue by 8% in a short period of time. Differentiate yourself with quantifiable results.
5.       No BS. Everything on your resume must be realistic. You'll be tested on it and any faltering will not only lose you the opportunity, you may get blacklisted by the company and their affiliates. Lying on are resume does constitute fraud; if guilty, the consequences of your actions could land you in jail.
6.       Customize your resume for each employer. If you've worked for some time, your years of professional experience cannot fit onto page. Review your work experience and select the positions you've held that are most in the line with the position you're applying for.
7.       Don't forget to include your contact information.
All in all, you're going to land a job at some point! Ambition, dedication and determination will yield results, but it may take some time; be patient. Once you've finalized a particular resume, be sure to follow up with the employer to ensure they have received it. If you're on Linkedin, do a quick search for recruiters at the company, view their profiles and feel free to reach out with a custom message to let them know you've sent your resume in; it will greatly increase the chances of it being scene and may result in the recruiter spending a bit more time looking it over.

Daniel Black graduated from Claremont McKenna College in May of 2011. As a thought leader in the education space, Daniel enjoys his role as a career outreach adviser for

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