6 Steps to Fight Stress in the Workplace

6 Steps to Fight Stress in the Workplace

Stress is inevitable but you can always do something to reduce its impact.

You can’t get beaten by this number one productivity enemy. Read below for tips how to fight stress in the workplace.

Learn to unplug.
Do not let your job keep you from spending quality time with your loved ones, even when that is an important account you are working on.

What happens at work should stay at work. Wait until the next workday before you open your office email and read messages.

You do not always get the time to spend with your loved ones. Make your presence felt not just physically when you are with them. Unplug for a while. Stay away from distractions.

Make friends.
Life at work will be easier when you have a friend with whom you can confide anything, and trust that you will not be put in a bad light afterward.

Having someone to share good laughs with even for only a few minutes helps alleviate stress.

Friends can encourage you to go to work even when your bosses and colleagues already drive you crazy.

When you can no longer make sense of  your job, or are counting the days before you finally leave your current employer for another, your close friends shall help motivate you to show up in the office.

Leave work on time.
Focus on your tasks during office hours.

Create an outline and post it someplace  visible so you will always be reminded of what you should be doing. It’s easy to be distracted especially when you are online.

You read an article and see below or on the sides of the page another post that is irrelevant to work but seemingly interesting. You click on it, and soon fail notice how long you’ve went off-topic.

Focusing at your job requires great discipline.

Do not let yourself go home only for sleep. Take dinner with the kids and your partner. Bond with your friends.

There’s no reason to stay beyond office hours when others have already left, and you know for yourself that you have done what you are supposed to be doing during work hours.

Leave enough time for sleep so you will not have to show up grumpy at work the next day.

For busy individuals such as working moms, sleep is a form of luxury. They still have to work around the house before getting themselves ready for office.

Drinking Red Bull can never compensate for the sleep you missed.

Not getting enough sleep poses serious health problems, from obesity to headaches. When you lack sleep, you tend to lose patience easily. You find it difficult to focus. And you just do not feel in the mood for work.

Take  a break.
Never eat your lunch at your desk no matter how busy your work is.

Be mindful of your breaks. Enjoy your food. Eat slow. And do not hurry to go back right after eating.

This is not to say that you waste your time gossiping with friends at the pantry or going overbreak strolling. Rather, maximize the time you are given to refresh. So you will feel more energized when you get back to work.

It’s called a break. Use it for what it’s made for.

Use your vacation credits.
Do not let them sleep there without you using them.

This is your chance to unwind without worrying that your officemate will come looking for you, and asking for a valid reason why you did not report for duty. Now you can update your blog, help your kids on essay writing, cook for everyone in the house, or sleep all day.

You deserve a vacation for  working your butt off.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray would write on her journal, watch movies, or run around the neighborhood when her young ones go out with their dad. Spending some alone time helps clear her head, and combat stress.

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