Phone Interviews Do’s and Don'ts

Phone Interviews Do’s and Don'ts

It’s tempting to take phone interviews less seriously because employers do not see you.

Thing is, the phone interview is a crucial part of the hiring process. Companies see it helpful because it is a cheap and fast way to screening applicants. So prepare well when you’re scheduled for phone interviews. If you really want that job, there’s no reason for you to care less.

Here are things you should and shouldn’t do during phone interviews.

  • Stay in a quiet room. Employers are humans, too. They love adorable babies. They have nothing against you, fulfilling your duties as parents or sibling. But crying babies along with other noise distractions at home may rob you of attention. And that’s going to put off interviewers for sure. Stay away as well from barking dogs, children on the loose, and music playing.

  • Act the part. Smile as you speak. Believe it or not, the person on the receiving line feels when you are frowning or raising eyebrows while talking. They, on the other hand, also feel it when you are smiling. It shows on your voice.

  • Stand up. Imagine you are face-to-face with the interviewers. Are you going to slouch on your seat, raise one of your legs, sit on a lotus position or lie on the floor? You wouldn’t. You are going to sit straight. During phone interviews, you are allowed not to take a seat although it helps that you stand straight. It helps take away pressure from your diaphragm as you talk and hence allows you speak clearly.

  • Keep necessary documents accessible. Better yet, tape copies on the wall. Looking down may affect your speaking voice while scanning pages may annoy the interviewer. You might as well keep a pen and paper nearby so you can take note of important messages. Who knows? The interviewer might be interested to meet you in person for another interview.

  • Run mock interviews. Arrange with a trusted friend to help you conduct practice interviews. Simulate the exact interview setting. Gather feedback afterward. Inquire about whether the phone connection clear, or whether your voice is too loud or soft, or fast or slow. You might want to record your voice as well so you can check it yourself.

  • Even when chewing your tried and tested stress reliever, just do not. Never blow your nose, smoke, yawn or spit when you’re on the line with the interviewer. If you must sneeze, inform the interviewer right away. Apologize afterward.

  • Stay away from your cellphone. It’s rare for an interview to take an hour anyway. You can always get back to messages or calls you missed. It’s unethical to keep the interviewing waiting, more so talk to someone else while speaking with them. This is a favor you should be thanking them for so give the phone interview your full attention.

  • Never interrupt. Let the interviewer finish before talking.

  • Respond briefly. Be straightforward when answering questions. The interviewer shall ask you anyway to elaborate if they wish to know more. Monopolizing the conversation will only hurt your chances of getting in. Listen attentively so you will know whether the listener is already zoning out.

  • Never treat the phone interview casually. This is the reason why you should stay in a quiet room, alone, so you will not feel conscious about onlookers when you act formal. You can make-believe you are sharing the place with the interviewers.

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Nettie Gray failed in one of her applications as an essay writing service tutor because of a huge mistake. She scolded her niece who was playing around. Interviewers thought she wasn't okay with kids.

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