Singapore's top ten best paying jobs

Singapore has become known to be a hugely thriving country and leads the way within several economic areas. According to last year’s Index of Economic Freedom, the country has the second freest economy, so it is little wonder that it can be an extremely lucrative place to work.
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It is thought that one of the best paid jobs in Singapore is as an enterprise architect who is based around bringing business and technology together within the company that employs you. Communication skills, patience and quick thinking are vital skills for the job, which would make you within $8k to $14k per month.

Project managers are also well paid with a monthly income of up to $8.5k. A background in IT, with several years of experience, is an absolute must for the top end salary. Experienced and reliable project managers are currently in great demand in Singapore, so there are plenty of jobs available for anyone with the right skills and mind set.

If engineering is more your thing, then a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer would be ideal. The role would earn you between $4.8k and $8.5k a month. However the shifts might mean you would have to work long hours on weekends. A degree or diploma in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering is required for the job.

If you are looking to take home up to $8k a month, then working as a production engineer could be the right job for you, providing you have a degree in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. The only drawback would be working the long staggered shifts that come as part of the role.

For people who thrive off tight deadlines, working as a security consultant would be something to consider. Monitoring security systems and investigating security breaches is all part of the job. Most roles ask that you have a degree or diploma in Computer Science and that you have up to three years experience working within the industry.

If you love to travel and are looking for a job that allows you to see more of the world, then start looking for a job as a marine or technical fleet manager. With a take home salary of up to $8k a month, the role can be extremely satisfying. You are required to have a degree in Marine or Mechanical Engineering and would need at least three years experience.

Another role that might require a lot of travelling is working as an IT outsourcing manager in Infocomm Technology. There is quite a high demand for people to do these jobs at the moment as Infocomm Technology is booming in Singapore.Working as a ship charterer could earn you around $7,500 a month, providing you have a degree in Maritime Studies, Business, Economics or Mathematics. You would be in charge of making sure ships deliver cargo on time, so you would also need to be good working with logistics.

Quality assurance engineer managers are also extremely well paid, with a monthly income of up to $7.3k per month. As part of the job you would be expected to make sure that all parts used for aircrafts pass the official requirements before they are sold.Other well-paid jobs in Singapore include anything in the medical profession and other branches of engineering.

About the Author: Katherine Flowers does research on medical jobs and GP vacancies around Australia. She keeps abreast of industry trends and shares them through articles and journals.

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