Stay fashionable even while working out

1.) Lets start with Makeup , Please Wear little to absolutely no makeup.You Really don't want anything to clog up onto your pores.

2.) Wear a watch , a trendy cool funky watch keep you in time and keeps your timings in check.Wear a watch which can actually show you your heart rate.This is the best equipment one can ever put on in a gym.

3.) Now lets concentrate on your Hair , Keep your hair back and off your face. Wear a band if they are not stuck , Keep them Gel free because you know gel will start leaking when mixed with sweat.

4.) Fleece sweatpants and tights are the way to go , you can actually check the position and stretches while training.

5.) Sneakers , well don't ignore your feet when it comes to training at gym , the best cool and comfortable sneakers are available and mix them with short socks , stay sweat free and enjoy the exercise.

6.) Do not wear baggy T shirts , you don't want them to be stuck into the equipment.

7.) Also don't forget to wear protective gear , if you are going to do heavy leg exercises wear a pair of trendy supports for your ankle.

8.) Hydrate with your cool branded water bottle , Have a mix of protein if you are into heavy weight training.

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