The growing scope of Teaching in India!

The growing scope of Teaching in India!

The scope of teaching jobs in India is growing each year on a steady basis. The reason being that teaching is considered to be one of the most noble jobs and means of earning. This job also requires involvement in diverse extracurricular activities which keep the interest levels of a professional always high.
In the recent years, a number of schools and institutes, both private and government have opened in India, the number for which is growing. Owing to this, there has been an increase in the demand for good professionals in the industry as well. Teaching is among the most important careers in the country which contributes to the social and economic growth of the nation. Today the career of teaching generates a huge number of job openings and is flourishing to grow further as the demand for quality education is on the rise. This is the also the reason for the growth of B.Ed colleges in India.

Origin of teaching:
India is a nation where teaching as a profession has always been intensely sacred since ancient times. The relationship between a guru and his shisya has always been considered very divine, and if we peek into our holy texts like the Vedas, we can read about the elevated pedestal at which a guru was kept in our society. But over the years we have reached a stage where a lot of people in our country are opting for teaching as a profession due to their sheer inability to find another suitable job. However, there is no training industry as such that help aspirants gain entry into any of the premium B.Ed colleges of the country.

Teaching as a profession:
Teaching as a profession should be taken by individuals who love sharing knowledge and information with others. There are several benefits of this job as the working hours are usually not too long which is why women generally prefer this profession. However, these days even men prefer this vocation. Becoming a successful teacher is more than just getting a degree from any of the reputed B.Ed colleges and getting a job at a particular school. Being a teacher is all about being responsible for yourself, for herein whatever you do in your classroom is something that is completely under your control. No amount of outside intervention can compel you to do something inside your classroom that you yourself think is not essential. Making students comprehend ideas take time and energy on the part of a teacher. The lone thing that can be judged from outside classrooms is whether the courses are on track and whether all children have completed their work or not.

It won’t be wrong in saying that behind every engineer, doctor or lawyer lies the hard efforts of a teacher who is responsible for grooming them during their academic careers, to outshine in the professional ones. Teachers not just impart quality learning to the students, but also inculcate moral values. But in order to become a skilled teacher, formal tutoring and training is necessary, which is only possible through B. Ed course, a one-year course for graduates. There are numerous B. Ed colleges in India from where this course can be done. 

Bachelor of Education: 
Popularly known as B.Ed, bachelor of education is a degree which qualifies graduates to take up teaching as a profession in schools or colleges. The degree is necessary for those who want to teach in primary and high schools. Teaching is one of the few career choices that give immense satisfaction and pride as it involves nurturing the minds of prospective citizens of the country. The body which regulates the courses in teaching in India is National Council for Teacher Education. A career in teaching requires a zeal for exchange of ideas, whether at a school or college. There are numerous B.Ed colleges or universities running in the India offering one year B.Ed courses. The importance, opportunities and scope of B.Ed education in India are also increasing very fast since the last couple of years. Aspirants are effortlessly getting great job opportunities after completing this course. It is mandatory for a teaching job, if you want to take up the profession in the near future. The minimum qualification necessary for entry into BEd courses is graduation from any discipline. While students from an arts background are trained to teach subjects like history, geography, civics and languages, students from the science stream are trained to teach physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology.

Market watch:
Teachers play a considerably central role in any society as they build the basis of a country’s future. The latest Right to Education act introduced in India has opened numerous opportunities for learning for rural children. With India being in dearth of quality teachers in all subjects, the demand for teachers has amplified. The market has always been in need of knowledgeable teachers. With the coming up of private and public schools everywhere and the growth in private institutions and universities, the need for lecturers and professors is on an all time high.  Teaching in the recent years has developed into E-learning modules and online web teaching strategies as well. In this situation, the opportunities have amplified manifold. For example, retired teachers with 20-30 years of experience can look for online jobs and provide online tuitions as well. In India, it is quite feasible that rural children be trained this way on diverse subjects. But in other countries like the US and the UK, the system is completely different. 

Universities such as Amity University, IMT Ghaziabad, Birla group of institutions and numerous other private MBA colleges across the country require experienced professionals as faculty. Even schools have now introduced virtual learning classrooms and Computers is being taught as an important subject in most schools. In such situations, even IT professionals can think of taking teaching as a profession. Besides, institutions like NIIT, CSC, Aptech, and CMC have created opportunities for teachers in programming fields as well. Numerous post graduate students are working part-time in these institutions to make extra money!

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