Tips to “Save” your Interview from getting “RUINED”

Tips to “Save” your Interview from getting “RUINED”

Are you all prepared to meet your recruiter? Have you made all necessary arrangements as in your attires, resume and information pertaining to the company’s background? The most important of all is “Are you Nervous for your interview”, if yes, does your manager knows about it? There are many job aspirants who flunk in their interview sessions perhaps because they don’t know about the right behavior or the code of conduct to be followed in the interview room. If you too are one of them, then don’t panic, below are certain body languages and behaviors which are responsible for ruining the interview and should be avoided by the aspirants.

Non-Verbal Gestures:-

The moment the candidate appears for the interview, the first thing that the hiring manager looks at is the body language of the aspirant, as in the way he/she walks, the handshake made, and the eye contact. All these form the part of the personality, hence the persona is carefully judged once the candidate is across the table. Companies judge candidates’ confidence level and the level of nervousness, by analyzing all these factors.  A dull figure, with restricting eye contact and shivering handshake can give a dead impression on the recruiter.
Be poised; don’t let the nervousness hover your face. It can become impediment to your dream job, instead lose up all your nervousness, enter the room with head held high and give gripping handshake. Reflect your confidence level and excitement of meeting the recruiter but in restricted sense.


Before entering the interview room, check if you are sweating profusely. A bitter stench of your sweat might be a turn down.  If you are a person who sweat a lot, ask clerk around to either decrease the room temperature, drink glass of cold water and go to washroom to spray body deodorant, to keep the sweaty smell off from your body.

  Many candidates are found fumbling due to nervousness, they fall short of words, talk quickly and involve too many hand movements, if you too engage in such activities, it is strictly advisable to avoid them. Stuttering and stumbling for your own words can create a wrong impression on the recruiter and may herald nervousness to the recruiter. Avoid doing such, if you have such habit of involving hand movements, keep it to the minimal while interacting as it might confuse the recruiter and turn as a distraction.
It is advisable to better go for practice session before appearing for the interview session. Stand before the mirror and answers questions, with full confidence and with better body postures, this will optimistically augment your performance the next day.

If you are going for an interview make sure that you reach the venue.  Going late for the interview might reflect that either you are over-anxious or too confident. This might give you a red signal from the recruiter’s end. Many organizations even cancel the interviews of the candidates appearing late. Think twice before are you really prepared to lose an opportunity you were long chasing. In not, make a sincere approach.
If the venue is too far, try to get exact route map a day before or ask your friend about the exact way. Leave early and keep buffer time, just in case you encounter traffic jam or congestion on the way.

Non-Sincere look
Interview is the professional session which is to be attended accordingly. Maintain sincere look on your face, but avoid being rude. Keep a sincere and professional look, don’t blush on appreciations, it might reflect that you are too self-conscious. 
Avoid keeping a shy look; instead keep a confident look so that recruiter has a positive impact about your personality, assuming that you can be a right fit for your organization.

Eye contact: - Are you one of those who are hesitant in maintaining eye-contacts? Do you have the habit of looking at the roof, or shoes or anywhere else in the room instead of maintaining a confident eye-contact with the recruiter.

 Restrained eye-contact
It is the biggest turn down for the hiring manager. Affirm to work on the eye contact before actually going for the interview session. Express your words confidently, listen the question raised by the manager, think for an answer and smartly put up your thoughts in to words and then answer. Contemplate but make sure your answers are not too late for the moment.

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