Ways To Get Noticed In The Office In A Good Way

Your worth to your employer is not only measured by how much work you do. It is also measured by how much work they see you doing. You can break your back working for someone, but if they do not know about it, then they cannot reward you. Here are five easy tips to show everyone how hard you work and get noticed positively.

1. Always have something in your hand

One of the oldest tricks in the book is still one of the best. No matter where you are going or what you are doing in the office, carry a piece of paper with you. Carry a report or a folder or even a laptop. The goal is not to fool anyone. Human beings take their mental impressions in unconsciously sometimes, and a person holding a stapled report simply looks busier than someone strolling with their hands open. Your boss and coworkers do not have time to come over and inspect what you are holding. They will simply see you stride by with an important document and an air of purpose, and that will be enough for them.

2. Dress for success.

A man dressed like a professional can pitch in and do any work that is needed, but a man dressed casually cannot go to important meetings or big conventions. Wear proper business attire, from fashionable business suits to
trend corporate ties. Dress for the job you want, not the job that you already have. Your employer will notice and your career will prosper.

3 Be sure to remind your employer how hard you work

It is a sad fact of life that shy and retiring people tend to be overlooked. Their contributions are not valued as they should be and they are unable to explain their importance to the office in an eloquent way. Do not let this happen to you. Clearly and politely let your boss know when you put in hard work.

4 Be humble

This might sounds like it might contradict the other hints, and the truth is that it does. You must balance the twin goals of blowing your own horn and being mature and humble about your place in the office, and you must do it with your own inimitable style. The way you serve these two competing priorities determines how successful you will be in the office. In the final analysis, an office is a small environment and people do not want to work with people they find objectionable. Egotistical behavior will surely undermine your success.

5 Go where you are wanted

Find the people who enjoy your company and work with them. Find the difficult jobs that no one else will do and do them. Be useful to your employer and coworker. There are many ways to get noticed, but two are the best. Either find the perfect time to step in and save the day, or find a job that you enjoy doing and do a great job. Any office needs both types of people. If you are having fun at work, then your joy will communicate itself to the people around you, and the entire office will benefit. It is more difficult to come to the rescue of a desperate situation, but there is always some dirty work to volunteer for. Do not create problems only to fix them. Instead, find the real problems that your boss wants to solve and help them. They will notice and appreciate the assistance.

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