Interview Tips: 6 Things You Shouldn't Do

Interview Tips: 6 Things You Shouldn't Do

Finding a job is one of the most important things that you need to do. Without a job you can’t pay the bills and live, right?

That is why impressing the interviewer can increase your chances of landing a job. But there is an art in being interviewed. It is best to learn from the mistakes of other people by taking a look at the things that you shouldn’t do during an interview.

Your previous boss is bad

The golden rule of interviewees is to never give a bad word about your former boss or the company that you used to work for. This gives a very bad taste in the mouth because it is possible that in the event you get hired and terminated in the future you will also do the same thing in your next interview.

Asking what the job is all about

If you have no time to do research about the job you are seeking to get your hands on, then find some. The lack of preparation and utter ignorance of the job description is a fatal mistake. How could you perform in the tasks if you have no idea what it is all about?  Read about the company culture, the position and be prepared to ask a lot of questions.  This will truly show that you're interested in the job.

Applying because you need the job

Sob stories will get you nowhere in corporate America. You may be just being honest but it something that you should never brandish in an interview. Organizations like people that has the same values as they have. Think before answering the question: what made you apply for the job?  Also, don't forget to see if you're qualified for it.  So many people apply for a job and later find out that they are not even qualified.

Asking about the vacation time and leave

You haven’t been hired yet but you are already asking for the leaves? If you are bent in getting the job you should always show enthusiasm in bringing value to the team rather than spending time asking silly questions that may not apply to you because you are not getting the job.

Asking if the interviewer’s teeth are real

Okay this may sound funny but asking real personal questions no matter how obvious they are should never asked. There is this portion in the interview where the interviewer would tell the interviewee if there are any questions? Just politely tell them you don’t have any.

Telling them you don’t like some things

Telling the interviewer you are not open to some things shows that you are less of a team player. Try not to kill the momentum by saying that you are always open to challenges that come your way.

Your resume is one thing but how you carry yourself in the interview will give you the chance to make the grade. If you are serious, try to learn from the mistakes that others did and ace that interview.

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