Interview Questions : Why Should I Hire you

Question: Why should I hire you? /Why should we pick you over the other applicants?
Answer: You will not find me sitting around and wasting my time. I do not like to procrastinate; I am eager to get busy on the task that I have been assigned to tackle. However, I am not about to try doing something on my own. I will not ignore the suggestions offered by others.
I recognize the fact that I am expected to be part of a team. I know what it means to be making a useful contribution to a team effort. In fact, some of my strongest character traits help me to fit-in with all of the team’s players.
For example, I have learned to adapt to a variety of situations. I do not insist on having everything done in the way that I feel is best. If I have chosen to make a suggestion, then I do not feel offended, should my suggestion undergo a few changes, before it is adapted.
I am a diligent worker. Yet I do not demand that others behave or act in a certain way. I am tolerant of others; I do not make a habit of complaining about my co-workers.
I am enthused by the nature of the challenges that I will face, while doing this job. My enthusiastic attitude reflects my optimistic nature. I do not hold a grudge or slacken my efforts, simply because something is not going my way. I can focus on the job-at-hand, even if there is some problem that is gnawing at my mind.

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