5 Most Important Interview Questions

When you get an interview appointment from a potential employer, this simply means that you’ve impressed them so far with your papers. In terms of your professional training and perhaps your working experience, but the task is hardly over yet. It would be prudent to do your homework before going to the interview.
This would involve, studying the organization, their market shares, their products and get a general overview about the organization in general. Next and perhaps more importantly, study the job description in depth and get to know what is expected for the person employed in that position. The more information you have about this the better off you’ll be in answering the interview questions.

5 Most Important Interview Questions:
For the employer to know that you are the best candidate out of the bunch that was shortlisted. They are going to ask you various types of questions. They may not be something technical and sometimes may not be related to the job or the organization. However they greatly determine whether they see you as a favorable candidate or not. The following list of questions seems to come up time and time again in numerous interviews. It would wise to know how to respond to them, they are:

     · Tell us about yourself? Do not give out your autobiography as a response, they don’t need you to recount your entire life story. Give them what is relevant to the job: that would be your education background and the work experience you might have that is related to the organization and the job at hand.

     · What is your strength? This question is probably the easiest question, but still most frequently asked. The best response is to give an answer which is in line with the job description: it has to be relevant towards the job or the organization in question. For instance, you can say I like not only meeting deadline, but also doing the work to the best of my abilities.

     · What is your weakness? How you answer this question will show whether you are a person of integrity or not. It would be tempting to try and deceive that you don’t have any weaknesses, thinking you are pleasing the interviewer. This couldn’t be further from the truth, everyone has weakness. You should be genuine and tell your weakness, then go further on the steps you’ll take to mitigate on your weaknesses.

       · How do you manage stress and handle pressure? It is important to be genuine, acknowledge that you are subject to stress just like any other normal person. Then go further and show how stress could actually be used in a positive manner. For instance you could say that you do some of your best work when feeling stressed, or say that you react to situation not to stress, and thus tackle the situation at hand and let the stress die its natural death.

       · Why should you be picked for the job? To appropriately reply to this question, it is important you put more emphasis on your key strength and how it can relate to the organization. It is very important as initially stated that you do a research on the organization. This way you could know how to appropriate tell your strength with relation to the organizations.
The list of questions goes on and on. One thing for sure is that you cannot undervalue doing a research on the organization, their expectation, their short and long term goals. Arming yourself with this, you can then appropriately answer the interview question correctly. For more information about interview you may contact the UK job centre contact number 0845 604 3719.

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