5 Job Interview tips that Will Make your Life Easier

Going to a job interview can be one of the most challenging parts of professional life.

For a few choice minutes, you are at the mercy of one, or even worse, several people who want to figure out as much about you as they can in one sitting. They want to know your background, what you know about the company, what you can bring to a company, and if they go really out there, what your spirit animal is. Regardless, though, it’s not a fun experience.

Nonetheless, if you can perfect the art of job interviews, you will have a leg up on the rest of the competition. Some people are naturally better at interviews than others, but with a little bit of practice, you can shine.

Here are five interview tips that will make your life easier:


You wouldn’t play a football game without practicing first, right? Well, you shouldn’t go into an interview without immense preparation. There are several ways of going about this. Find a list of potential interview questions online and write down answers to each of them. Try to have an answer in your pocket for every question they ask, but at the same time realize that they might throw you a curveball.

As a rule of thumb, the more interviews you go to the better prepared you will be. Apply to jobs that you know you will not get for the experience. You will be better off for it.

Be confident

Though confidence is important in nearly every aspect of your life, interviews are especially important. If you walk into a room with a confident attitude, you will be more likely to succeed, be less nervous and have a better chance of answering the tough questions.

Dress as well as you can. Dressing in a suit, for instance, will make you feel like a million dollars, which will make you more confident.

Ask questions

Throughout the interview, ask questions when you feel it necessary. This will make it seem that you are legitimately engaged in the job, curious and willing to speak up. Interviewers love to see this, and it gives you a chance to breathe and let someone else talk for some time.

Know the company

You should know the company front and back by the time you walk into an interview. Nothing spells trouble more than being unprepared for an interview. A good interviewer will ask you specific questions about their products and philosophy, and if you don’t get those questions, you probably won’t get the job. For instance, if you are applying for a construction management job, you should know the difference between a cable protector and hose protector.

Follow up afterwards

Nothing says that you are interested more than a follow-up after the interview. This can be an email, or preferably, a written thank-you note. If you’re really smart, you’ll bring some stationary with you, write a thank-you note after the interview and give it to the secretary. Whatever you do, though, make sure you acknowledge the interview in some way.

Interviews are challenging. But that makes them all the more rewarding when you actually get the job. Prepare, breathe and hope for the best.

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