Things You Must Not Do In An Interview

It just does not matter the kind of industry background you may have or the kind of work you do but when trying to get a new job offer it is imperative that you have the right mindset of being competitive. You must have come across lot many things that you need to take care of, but here we will talk about those things that you ought to avoid:

Do not ever get late for the appointment: Getting late means that your employer will know that you are not enough reliable at the very start. Try to arrive earlier and do let the receptionist know that you are there already.

Do not forget to carry extra copies of resume: Ensure you carry at least three copies of your resume. The resume must be well drafted and ensure print is taken on high quality paper. Carrying three copies will help you position better when you would need to hand over copies to other interviewers interviewing you. This will send a positive signal as you being a positive candidate who is well prepared.

Do not refrain from putting up intelligent and thoughtful questions:  Try to figure out at least ten questions under the guidance of your career coach to reflect the efforts you have made in learning more about the company you are seeking an opportunity with. However do keep in mind not to ask questions that are already answered on their website or are publicly known facts.

Do not evade eye contacts: Remember your interaction with the attending hiring manager is all about your performance.  The fact here is that you are actually trying to out-perform other attendees or prospective for the position that you have applied for. It is imperative that your body language and mannerisms are all well coordinated. Remember to keep the eye contact as it is a sign of confidence and that you in other words are establishing your suitability to the job.

Do not ever discuss money matters or benefits: Bringing up a discussion on benefits and compensations is more like expressing your disinterest in the organization and the post applied for. You are expected to establish your suitability to the post and the organization first and you must let the interviewer come up with a salary offer to discuss it further. Keep a professional approach and move forward step by step. Remember you will be given a chance to discuss or negotiate on the compensation offer.
Most of us know what to say when appearing for an interview or say would know how to conduct. However, it is also essential to learn about facts we must avoid during an interview. Remember there are other applicants too vying for the same position like you. It’s a good idea not to jump to conclusions and instead with patience, try to figure out what the employers are looking for exactly and then make your moves through interactive discussions. Being composed reflects your confidence, maturity and suitability as a professional.

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