6 Tips Dealing with a Hot-Tempered Boss

We all wish for an awesome boss. That one who supports us all the way, knows how to value his people and is just great in and out of the office.That wish of ours can only be granted in a perfect world though.

Bosses are not created equal. They have different ways of imposing authority over their team. And the most challenging to handle however are perhaps the hot-headed ones. Do you agree?But despite their being short-tempered, you still need to do what is asked of you. You still need to finish your job. So how do you survive the days working with this kind of boss, or at least until you find another employer?

Here are few tips.

Make sure they’re bad. This is not to take sides with your boss. But give your boss a benefit of the doubt at first and take time to see why they are being difficult. Note that there could be a myriad of reasons why they’re behaving the way they do, and one of which could be you. Little did you know, you also have a part to play.  Then, it’s not them that needs dealing. It’s you. But in case you’re more than sure about them being a bad boss, then by all means proceed to the next advice below.

Never take it personally. Our bosses have bosses too. When they are becoming moody or demanding, chances are they are also having a hard time on their job. But you and your boss are the same in your desire to deliver results. Plus, your actions are affecting each other. Your boss might not care about the negative impact of their confrontation with you because their main concern is the task on hand. That, you will have to deal with and learn to sort. They’re not angry about you or for the person you are, they are probably only expecting more from you or they’re just having a bad day.

Take note of triggers. You will eventually be able to identify what pisses your boss. And you need to take note of that to avoid future meltdowns. When you notice that they are very particular with your attire during client meetings, then pay attention to your dress before showing up for meetings. If they do not like that you’re chasing after them while they’re still having their morning coffee, then let them finish first. Identifying triggers will help you cope with their attitude, and also keep your sanity intact in the long run.

Focus on your work. I have heard stories of people trying to get even their rude bosses by not giving their best on their jobs. They’d let deadlines pass. They’d show up for work late. They’d violate rules. They will try any means possible to annoy their bosses even more. This is just not the right thing to do, especially that we’re adults here. Show you are professional despite their not-so pleasant treatment. Do well on your job.

Anticipate tasks. Minimize chances you will have to talk to your boss or that they get angry anytime. Set expectations on tasks they will be looking for from you, and do it in advance. Show them you can work without the need for them to constantly remind you what should be done. Then you also avoid instances of them lashing out on you.

Wait for them to calm down. Never answer back in the same furious tone. If they’re asking for an explanation, give your side of the story. But do it politely. When all else fails, people around will know you never really gave your boss a reason to get angry. Bonus points for you still.

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Nettie Gray has encountered ruthless editors during her stint at their college research-paper-writing.org. At first she hated that none of her works seem to satisfy them, but later on she learned to appreciate them for helping her improve her writing skills.

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