Recruitment - What's the Art Behind Being a Great Recruitment Consultant?

As unemployment rates continue to take a ride downhill, there is the ever-increasing need for employers to employ recruitment specialists. These types of professionals spend their time ensuring employers hire the right workers, which in turn helps to boost productivity levels and profit levels.

Being a recruitment consultant is not something that just anyone can be successful at. In fact, it requires a key-set of skills as well as much time, effort and patience. Let's dive right in and take an in-depth look at art behind being a great recruitment specialist.

Mentality of a Hunter

There are numerous ways to source candidates. Because of this, a recruitment specialist must identify ways in which to find the "best of the best." Being relentless in searches may require utilising a wide variety of search platforms, and even if the job becomes exhausting, a good recruitment consultant will dive right in and take on his or her duties with everything he or she has to give.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Even if a recruitment consultant is great at finding top-talent, he or she must also be a genius at securing relationships with the talent to ensure they come work for the consultant's employer. Because of this, a person working in this occupation must have strong interpersonal skills, always able to build relationships with those that he or she is recruiting.

Communication is Key

Without communication skills, a recruitment specialist cannot relay to job candidates what it is that will be expected of them. Because of this, the recruiter can then not effectively determine whether or not the candidates can successfully fulfil a particular position. Through strong communication skills, however, the recruiter can identify the strengths and weaknesses of all candidates. In doing this, even if a certain candidate doesn't meet the criteria for filling a certain position, the recruiter may be able to conclude the candidate would be a perfect fit for another one of his or her clients.

Always Have Clean Ears

Without good listening skills, recruiting the best talent will not happen. Even if a recruiter has a million things he or she wants to share with potential candidates in regards to what a company has to offer, without listening, it becomes impossible to meet the preferences of these candidates, meaning they will go elsewhere to find what they need.


A successful recruitment consultant needs to be an expert at recruiting. To do this, he or she needs to stay in-the-know in regards to today's latest recruiting methods. He or she will also need to stay up-to-date with current employment rights.

Becoming a recruitment consultant is a great career move to make. In this line of work, the right type of person will find much job satisfaction as well as a great paying salary. Entering this field is not one that can be directly jumped into. In fact, many people who work as recruitment consultants first worked many other job positions before feeling as if they were ready to take on the job of a consultant.

Mary is a retired doctor. Having a career in medicine, she now enjoys being able to offer recruitment advice to agencies such as Team24 Private Nursing, working within the medical sector.

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