The most helpful advices to get a job interview

Don’t be late, in fact, to be in time isn’t good as well. What is necessary to be getting about 15-20 minutes earlier. Punctuality tells a lot, in fact, it show how responsible you are. Wear appropriate clothes in accordance with the situation. Depending on the job: PHP developer, designer or actor, these professions don’t demand strict clothes style; although office jobs  require to officially and neat, so to a dear and meet the expectations.

How to behave? The main rule here is to follow corporate policy. There is a widespread agreement that first on the list of desirable workers are those, who follow that policy. To send curriculum vitae is not enough, what helpful as well is to send a cover letter, where you explain why do you want this or that job and why you are good for it. On the contrary, don’t be annoying and call to find out, if you are pre-approved.  What is more, according to corporate policy, employers must respond you in any way: whether he hires you or not.

Watch your tongue. No matter what, be honest and polite. As a rule, employers appreciate honesty, even if a candidate doesn’t respond all the requirements. Depending on the job, employers choose human qualities over professional ones.  Nevertheless, be free to tell about your achievements, aspirations as a specialist and you may tell about disadvantages (we all humans and have drawbacks) in case you are asked.

Remember about body language. Here everything matters: how you walk, how you talk, how you gesticulate; matters if you are conflict person or not – sometimes that is necessary quality (for instance, for lawyers, how are ready for confrontation), but in most cases that is undesirable quality. A smile goes along, so don’t forget to take it with you to interview. Show how much you are interested, if you have a pure interest in the job.

Be confident, Don’t be afraid of looking in the eyes; act as if you have superpowers, as if you predict the future or move things using mind power. Actually, that would help your resume to be special and noticeable.

Insure and bring all the necessary documents; be prepared in general, search the information about needed job opening, company.  Look for the information about the company and its employees in webs like LikedIn, Google + and Facebook. As they say, every little helps.

The sense of humor plays not the last role, try to show your positive attitude to life and the ability to solve troubles and problems with a smile on your face or at least being in high spirits.
Be ready to take part not only in a one-on-one interview, but a team interview as well.  Team interview is used to find out, who is more competitive, and who can be notable and fight for the job. If you are not ready for that kind of interview, ask someone to rehearse it; this may help to reveal your mistakes and fix them.
What must be mentioned is interview is meeting, where employer and potential employee find out if they fit each other’s requirements. Don’t behave as if you implore to hire. The interview is an equal negotiation, so don’t be afraid to ask questions as well, but at the end of the interview.

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