Building Your Dream Home

 The term dream home implies a lot. Calling it a dream can even imply that it’s not technically reality. That notion couldn’t be farther from the truth, however. So many people put the idea of owning or building a dream home aside because it seems unreachable or impossible.  

 The truth of the matter is that your dream home is entirely a possibility. Many options exist to help you get to your dream home, such as financing, real estate companies, architects, construction companies, etc. So, don’t give up hope just yet. It’s possible. 

 It’s entirely possible to buy a dream home. Sometimes the dream is just around the corner, built by someone else with similar likes and interests. For the sake of this post, however, let’s assume that you’re building your own dream home.

 Building your dream home is a little more difficult than buying one, so let’s go over a few tips that’ll help you along the way and allow you to achieve your ultimate dream.

Design it
The first step in building your dream house is knowing what you want it to be. Start off on the drawing board, before going to any architects. For example, if you’re in New Orleans, which is a host to a variety of very distinct housing styles, you’ll want to sit down and think about what you want to build first. Once you have an idea drawn out, then call your architect and a company specializing in residential construction in New Orleans. Websites such as get rid of the middleman, taking your criteria for the perfect home and offering you already designed plans for a home matching those criteria.

Find a location
The next step in building your dream home is to find the perfect location. If you already know what city or area you want your home to be in, you need to start looking for lots. The key here is to not settle for a cheap lot. Cheaper lots usually have a lot of foliage, junk, debris, or other obstacles to clear. Another issue to look out for is foundation problems. If the ground is awkwardly uneven or has sinking issues, your home will not stand well on that lot. Look out for clean and well-maintained lots to start your build on. If it’s in a good neighborhood and suits your needs, go for it!

 Set up for the build
Make sure you have everything you need, especially a reliable construction company and workers. It’s essential to make sure you have all the necessary build permits for your house. If you don’t, local government officials can come to your build site, possibly even at the last minute, and freeze the construction. Make sure you have all your materials, and if you’re going the sustainable route (which could offer lucrative tax cuts,) get in touch with a local sustainability group for solar panels, environmentally friendly insulation suppliers, etc.  

 After all these steps are followed, you can get to work on building your dream home. Once you move in, you won’t regret all the extra work you’ve put in.

 This post was written by Eric Kneff in association with Titan Construction LLC, a New Orleans based construction company. He has interest in architecture and residential construction.

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