The Keys to Ensuring You Pass a Workplace Interview

Job interviews are some of the most stressful times in any adult’s life. The feeling of competition, the self-doubt, the anxiety all combine and you can work yourself up into such a state that you lose your chance before you walk through the door. If you have the proper skill sets and bring your best offense to a job interview, you’ll give yourself a fighting chance.

1) Bring a Resume
        It is incredible to believe that people would still think it is appropriate to show up to a job interview without a resume. I wouldn’t even apply to a coffee shop today without a printed resume. Even if it is barely filled, it is better than showing up empty-handed. Important things to remember for resumes:
  • Proofread- You may as well throw the resume away yourself if it is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. It shows a lack of concern and hastiness that is off-putting to potential employers.
  • Information- Have clear and correct contact information. If the person interviewing you calls your phone number and it is out of service, chances are they are calling their second choice for the job.

2) Enhance, Don’t Lie
        During interviews it is easy to want to just say yes to every question that they ask you so you can appear the best candidate. But lying is not the best avenue to take either. For some employers, finding out that an applicant lied on their resume is grounds for an automatic dismissal. And what if they ask you an important question about that skill or application? If you have never worked in an industrial setting, you’re not going to know anything about industrial tank cleaning techniques. It isn’t rocket science. You will look like a liar and laughed out of the room. If you don’t have a skill or qualification, be honest but be sure to mention that you want to learn, what you do know, what skills you do have in connection to that task.

3) References
        A good reference may get you the job over a person that might be more qualified. If your former employers have great things to say about you and recommend you, you are showing the interviewer that you are good at your job and that he might benefit from hiring you. If you had to leave your last job for reasons beyond your control, and that employer won’t give you a recommendation, try mentioning that in the most professional way. Everyone has had that unmanageable boss, so they might understand.

4) Be Confident
        Having confidence at a job interview shows an employer that you feel they should hire you as well as showing a put-together individual. Someone that is unsure of themselves or of meek presence is not what employer want. They want self-assured go-getters that are going to get the job done with a smile.

This post was written by M.G. Bachemin in association with Waterline LLC.

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