What Industry Should I Start My Career In?

With the degree of global connectivity present in today’s society, it can be difficult to where to start when you are trying to decide what your career will be. There are a number of methods you can employ to help give yourself a clearer picture of where you want, but do not forget that experience is the best teacher. So even if you don’t begin in the right field right away, give yourself a chance to learn and make better decision next time.

1) If you want a career in the medical field
If you are planning to in the medical field one day whether that be as a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, or therapist try becoming involved in volunteer programs. Going to foreign countries to volunteer medical assistance looks amazing on a resume as well as being spiritually fulfilling. Or try volunteering at a hospital, your local Veteran’s Affairs Center, or schools. You can give time by helping a blood bank or visiting geriatrics at hospices and nursing homes.

2) If you want a career in the corporate industry
If you want to one day work within the corporate industry, you should look for experience in office settings. Ask a local law firm if you can begin in the mailroom and work your way up. You could function in an assistant capacity for a bank or other business. If you are working in restaurants, pick a corporate chain that you begin managing and slowly working your way up the totem pole.

3) If you want a career in the fashion industry
Breaking into the fashion industry is highly competitive and extremely difficult. You have to different, exciting and offering something that no one else is. But if this is the field you have your heart set on, try working at high-end boutiques, department stores, designer firms, or textile companies. Try fashion blogging as well. Fashion is a quick moving industry so it happens on the Internet. Try style some friends for big events so when people ask where they got their outfit, your name is one they mention.

4) If you want a career in the film industry
The film industry can be even more difficult to break into than the fashion industry. Whether you want to be an actor, producer or director there is a place for you to begin. The best recommendation though would be to move to a place that has a film presence or community like New York, New Orleans or Los Angeles. From there, try working as an extra or an assistant for a production company.

Whether the job is big or small, the important thing is that you are gaining experience. The more experience you gain, the more you can apply to your future career.

This article was written by M.G. Bachemin in association with Triton Industries, L.L.C., quietly changing the standard for the industrial vacuum cleaner.

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