5 Things that can Make or Break your Resume

After graduating college, the first thing on our list is to land a job that satisfies our needs. Most of us get the jobs that we desire while some are not as lucky. People often blame interviews for such situations without taking into consideration the steps before the interview! Your resume or CV is equally if not more important than the interview itself. Recruiters get a first glance at you through your resume. For them, the resume is the reflection of your strengths and achievements. It is important to leave a good and lasting impression through your CV so that you are shortlisted for the interview. Here are a few tips to enhance your CV.
1.      Profile/Objective – Adding a profile or an objective is a great way to summarise your past achievements and to show your interest in the present job. Remember to customize your objective to match the job that you are applying to. You have a better chance to be considered for the job the more specific your objectives are.

2.      Keywords – The advertisement for the available job or the job description will include some particular words. The chances of your selection are higher if you use these keywords in your resume.

3.      Content – It is important to prioritize the content in such a way that the achievements and experience relevant to the job are at the forefront. If you have done any online courses that you think are relevant to the job at hand than do not forget to mention them. For example, if you are being interviewed for the position of an IT Application related job and have done an online Computer Application course, talk about it in your resume!

4.      Be succinct – One of the most important thing you should remember is that be succinct wherever possible. What this means is that include all the important things but do not go overboard. The recruiters do not have all the time in the world to read your CV. If your CV is longer than two pages, chances are they won’t read everything. They might miss on the qualification or experience that makes you a perfect fit for the job. If you include such an achievement on the last page of your CV, chances that it will be overlooked are higher.

5.      Cover letter – Cover letters are important because you can try and convince them that you are a perfect match for the job and the organisation as a whole. You can also portray your interest in the job through a good cover letter.
These are just a few helpful tips on improving your resume. You can enhance your CV by increasing your qualifications through degrees or online vocational courses. Another way is to customize your CV according to the job you are applying to; this can be both difficult and time-consuming but it is also rewarding!
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Stephanie Colaco is a freelancer, web content creator, editor and former HR professional. A University Honors Graduate, she spends her free time helping students/professionals achieve their academic goals by publishing articles and blogs that answer their many questions on online business courses and many others.

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