Is a Medical Career Right for You?

Wanting to join the medical profession is a noble endeavor but it should also be carefully thought out. Considering the price of medical school, the rigorous training and the competitive nature of the profession, it is important that you are absolutely sure about your decision. Read through to help you decide if getting into the medical field is the best decision for you.

1) Are you doing it for the money?
While it is true that doctors generally make a very nice living, they are often in $100,000+ in debt when graduating from medical school. Their first few years in the field are spent in the worst parts of hospitals and low paying positions. If they desire to open their own practice, the premium for malpractice insurance continues to steadily rise as well as prices for spaces, equipment, employees and more. It takes a lot of money to stay a successful doctor but it shouldn’t be the only reason you go into the field. Most doctors would agree the workload and stress can burn you out early if that is the only reason you are joining.

2) Do you like learning?
If you don’t like learning all the time, then you should not become a doctor. With the rapid advances made in the medical field including treatment, equipment and research, doctors are continuously learning throughout their career. And you don’t get a choice if you want to learn it or not. If your patients at MRI Metairie ask about that new form of radiology treatment then you have to learn everything you can about it or risk losing your patients. And if it becomes the standard and you do not apply it, you can even face malpractice suits.

3) Are you a problem solver?
If you see a puzzle and see a challenge to overcome then you would make a great doctor. The human body is a conditional system and any number of variables could be contributing to someone’s health problems.  It is the physician’s job to look at the symptoms, perform series of tests, treat or perform surgery and then to monitor the patient back to health. If you want a job where you are continuously challenged and asked to be better everyday, then the medical field is where you should be.

4) Do you like helping people?
If you want a job where you can help people everyday, then you should definitely consider the medical field. When people come to hospitals or doctors, it is because they are scared and worried about their health. It would be your job to help calm their fears and relieve whatever illness they are suffering from.

5) Can you go without sleep?
Medical students and doctors must often go long hours without sleep. Whether it be studying or performing a lengthy surgery, doctors work long hours and have to stay mentally sharp. If you think that you can do this for a few years, you should still consider becoming a physician.

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