How To Cope With Stress And Be Your Best At School

Carrying those encyclopaedic books behind your back, walking with the posture of Notre Dame, numerous assignments with deadlines enough to scare your pants ; so is school life.
In this article, I’d be sharing my favourite tips to help cope with stress and still be your best at school.

Coping With School Stress
The heavy weight of stress that school brings is sufficient  to make you surrender. . Whatever level of school you are in: High, College, Technical school, you must have a fair share of the stress that comes with school life. The most effective way of tackling this, I’ve found out, is managing your time. Setting a clear schedule for you day keeps the stress level at bay, prevents the panic that comes with deadlines and keeps you going. DON’T procrastinate. Procrastination is a time thief. Do what you have to do and fix it up promptly.
For Optimal Performance At School
 Here are 5 tips that can help keep your school performance at the top while you comfortably manage school stress:

→Be A Good Listener: Peak performers in class are usually  those who give all their ears to lectures.The value of focused listening in class goes a long way to boost your comprehension of topics.
Personally, while in school, I discovered that I do not even need to read a lot as long as I understood the teachers’ explanation.
It just keeps resonating in your mind, hard to forget. If you are a good listener in class, you would find out that, sometimes, a quick browse through your note is enough to “resurrect” the points in your mind and keep your test marks inflating.

→Always Ask Questions: This can prove to be a daunting task especially when the question sounds dumb to you. But no matter how unreasonable, it appears or how hard the laughter would roar, ask! If you fail to ask, you just may be stunned to see that same “dumb” question glaring at you in the exam hall.

→Teach Others- This trick helped me a lot in school. Organizing a small reading group did so much to give the opportunity to teach my peers and get the facts sink in better.
The human brain works in such a way that the more we talk about something, the less likely we are to forget. Teaching others what you have learned is the quickest way to remind yourself.
You could start by bringing together a small group of your peers, and take turns to teach each other. They would appreciate you for that and you would be growing from a pro to an expert in that subject.

→Read Widely: Your teachers can’t give it all. It’s up to you to explore, read voraciously and expand your horizon. There’s never an end to knowledge. Reading widely is a good way to boost your self confidencesince you would definitely have something of value to contribute when the need shows up.

→Never Play With Your Rest Time: Maybe we should read that again. Never play with your rest time.

You may want to be a “book-aholic”, that’s fine. But watch it. Do not let reading time encroach into yourrest time. Your brain is at optimal performance when you allow it time to refresh, just like you do your PC.
So never read when you feel sleepy, let nature take its course and rest up.

School is the most vital part of your life. Only with your academic knowledge and skills would you be at a vantage position to grab the job of your dreams.
So be your best in whatever school you have the opportunity of attending, knowledge is never lost.
Author’s Bio : Vanessa Osuka is a blogger at MyWordPlanet where she enjoys sharing helpful tips on personal excellence. At her leisure, she enjoys writing and travelling.

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