What To Keep In Mind When Guiding Your Kids Graduating From High School

It's the time of year when young adults are moving on from high school and starting their new lives. Many will go on to universities or local colleges. Some will go on to trade schools. More than you may expect will be foregoing both and starting families right away or doing some traveling. Whatever your kid has in mind for their future, it's important to give them some final advice. But how do you guide your graduating kid in today's world? Below we take a look at the two things to talk about with your son or daughter 
Education And Future Careers

 This is perhaps the one thing most parents have on their mind at this point in life. Going to college (or not going) is considered the biggest life step after graduating high school. What will your child study? What do they plan to do with their life? This is where things get tricky, especially in today's poor economy and job market. We've perhaps done a disservice to the next generation by forcing them to choose what they want to do with their lives when they're so young. Be prepared for your son or daughter to change his or her mind by the time they graduate university. They might change it more than once. This is completely normal, as your children will discover more about themselves than ever once they move away from home. If your child doesn't want to go to higher education institutions, support them, as long as they have a plan to sustain themselves. Many kids are choosing not to go to college today because there is very little return on investment. Kids are choosing to go debt free while entering self-employment or doing some traveling to really decide what they want to do with the first part of their lives. 2. Relationships Wherever your kid goes in life, he or she will be meeting new people and finding new friendships and romantic relationships. You have to trust that your kid knows how to find warning signs that someone else may not be the best for them. But what you can do is help make sure that your kid knows how to be a good person in return. Teach them to respect themselves and others they come across. While it's perfectly fine to express concern if you think someone is being a bad influence, you have to keep in mind that your child is an adult now. All you can really do is advise and be there for them if something goes wrong. Hopefully, nothing will. Your child is at a very volatile time in his or her life. They're excited, confused, and possibly optimistic... and so are you. By guiding your new grad and supporting his or her decisions, you're not only playing the role of a parent who wants best for their child but also offering your life experience at their disposal.

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