Best Universities to Study in Turkey

Education is what drives the current world. Turkey has been well known over the world for being tone with the best educational base with the highest ranked world class Universities. Take a chance to travel to Turkey to pursue your career. As a student in Turkey, you will experience an opportunity to experience both tradition and modern forms of life. It has stable and safe political environment favorable for learning. Turkish Universities uses English language as the teaching language. English is also offered as a subject to be taught in class. If you get an opportunity to learn in Turkey, you are sure to get an opportunity of a promising future anywhere in this world. The following therefore are some of the best universities in Turkey.

Hacettepe University
This University is ranked the best amongst many Turkish Universities. It has two main campuses, one in the Old Ankara town which has a Medical Centre. Another main campus of is located at Beytepe. It hosts a variety of faculties ranging from Education, Engineering, Letters, Fine Arts, Administrative Sciences, economics to sciences. Additionally, there is a School of Social Work that is located at Kecioren. The university offers over one hundred and fifty undergraduate programs and more than two hundred postgraduate programs. You won't miss to hit your target if you study in this University.

Ege University
This University is the best choice for those students who wish to undergo an education system that embraces social, cultural and scientific novelties. Moreover, this is one university that has the biggest library facility in the entire Turkey. It is also the first university in Turkey to send students to European Union Socrates Program. The European Union also awarded this university a diploma supplement in the year 2009.

Middle East Technical University
This University emphasizes on research and education fields of Engineering and natural sciences. It offers up to forty undergraduate programs, 97 masters programs and 62 doctorate programs. The faculties likely to be found in this university include Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Education, Economics and Administrative Sciences and Engineering. There are five graduate schools in this university that are responsible for facilitating graduate programs.

Istanbul University
This University has a total of 17 faculties and a total of 5 campuses. It has its main campus at the Beyazit Square. This university has got a very long history and has therefore survived great ages making it a very well developed university. It has produced a very large number of graduates recognized over the world. There are many educational and science programs available in this university including medicine, astronomy, cartography, geography, history, religion, literature law and philology
Gazi University
This is located in Ankara with 21 faculties, 11 vocational schools and 4 4 schools. It has faculty of Art and Design, Architecture, Communication, Dentistry, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Health, Law, Medicine Trade and tourism and Vocational training. It has the best library equipped with rich variety of books.

Make a step today of traveling to Turkey and pursue your career in one of Turkey’s best Universities. As a student, always remember to carry a Turkey Visa to avoid any inconveniences while you travel. It is applied for free and is done online. Apply for one today.

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