8 Resume Writing Mistakes That Repel the Recruiters Away!

Often people get disappointed when they are not hired for any job. Most of the times they fail to realize the major cause for it, especially when they hold enough qualifications to get the job. It is not only your qualification which matters when it comes to getting a job, but it is your resume as well that has the power to attract or repel the recruiters away from it. There are a few common mistakes in resume that you should learn to avoid if you want to get hired for a job when you apply the next time:
1.       Bad Grammar
It is the ultimate turn off for the recruiters out there. Poor grammar and typos are the enemies that spoil the quality of your resume. Bad grammar has the power to change the meaning of any sentence. You might make your recruiters confused regarding your experience and qualifications with bad grammar.
2.       Irrelevant Talents
It is important to discriminate between your useful and irrelevant talents for getting any job. It is a bad idea to stuff your resume with talents like juggling and fishing when you are applying for an accountant’s post. Mentioning such talents may help you increase the length of your resume, but it will make recruiters think that you do not have any actual and relevant talents for the post that you are applying for.
3.       Too Much Emphasis On Fonts And Styling
It is important to remember that resume is not an informal letter. Using too much of styling and borders gives out a wrong impression to the recruiters. Instead, keep it simple and avoid borders and stylish bulleting at all costs. Also, do not use a variety of fonts to make your qualifications and abilities stand out because multiple fonts give a crowded look to the resume.
4.       Wrong Or Incomplete Information
Be honest in your resume while providing details about your contact information, skills and abilities. If you do not have certain skills, it is better to leave them out than lying about them. While mentioning your email address and telephone number, be sure to provide them with correct and functional numbers.
5.       Too Much Information
When writing about your academic qualifications, remember that you need to mention only such skills that are relevant to your career. It is important to provide correct information rather lengthy information. If you are providing them with your email address, write one address only and make sure to check it regularly.

6.       One Size Fits All
Using the same resume to apply for all kinds of job is not a good idea. Do not be lazy when it comes to creating a job specific resume. Every job needs different skills and qualifications. Learn the art to use your qualifications in multiple ways to suit each job position and see how it benefits you in getting hired.
7.       Paragraph Format
Many job seekers ignore the importance of correct format for writing a resume and end up writing it in a paragraph form. Remember that your resume is not an essay. Paragraph format does not help you highlight your skills. So, it is better to use bullets and headings along with relevant details to make it appear attractive.
8.       Usage Of Templates
It is not a good idea to use templates for creating your resume. The purpose of template is to provide you with ideas only. It is easy for recruiters to catch templates. And once caught, it will give them a wrong impression about your skills.
It is important to realize that a resume holds great importance when it comes to recruitment for a job. Resume being your first impression, should be flawless. And therefore, always consider the useful tips to avoid mistakes when you create one.
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