4 Careers That Let You Work and Live with a Purpose

According to a study detailed by Forbes, an alarming number of people dislike or are “actively disengaged” in their chosen career – a statistic that is near 2 to 1. With that being said, it is important to consider not only the professional and financial benefits of a position, but also the personal ones. A key factor in finding workplace satisfaction is determined by selecting a career that allows you to work and live with a purpose. If you don’t find purpose in your career, you are quite likely to be unhappy a large portion of the time since work is a huge portion of your life.

Instead of joining the ranks as a disengaged worker, consider one of these 4 careers that helps you embody your purpose.

1. Doctor

According to research, almost any variety of physician is a relatively satisfying career path. From neurosurgery to dermatology, the fields of medicine allows individuals to make a difference in the lives of others, which is a key indicator of living a satisfied, purposeful life. Whether you or your loved one has had a significant life-changing experience, many doctors enter the field because they find their mission in helping people. Consider this option as a potential way you can make an impact on your world.

2. Director or Manager

A position as a director or manager of a company or even a branch is another rewarding position, albeit a somewhat stressful one. In this career field you have the opportunity not only to interact with customers and clients, but also to lead a team. Shaping the lives of others is a fundamental way to find satisfaction in your career, and management positions allow you to do just that. This type of career also allows you the opportunity to offer input into key company strategies as well as to make decisions.

3. Law Enforcement Officer

You may not have considered law enforcement as a career that affords you the opportunity to live with a purpose, but you’d be surprised how many officers consider it their life’s mission. When working as law enforcement officer, you have the opportunity to support the justice system, uphold laws, and help individuals on the path toward a better life. If you need extra schedule flexibility, consider a UF criminology degree online to take your first step toward a career that provides you the opportunity to live and work with a purpose.

4. Therapist

There are many different types of therapists, including speech and language pathologists as well as mental health counselors and physical therapists. With each of these positions, you have the opportunity to impact a specific part of individuals’ lives. Impacting lives whether it be by improving communication, mobility, or mental health is a key way to live and work with purpose.

The statistics speak for themselves as far as how many individuals are currently satisfied with their jobs. Don’t join the workforce as a negative statistic. Make your choice today for a career that will allow you to fulfill your purpose while making a living.

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