Top 4 Online Bachelor Degrees for Careers in Healthcare

The field of healthcare is always growing. There are constantly going to be patients in need and research to be done. Luckily, there are great degree programs available online so that people interested in starting a career in healthcare have plenty of opportunity to pursue it.

Business Administration in Healthcare

This degree program is a good choice for those who are already working in healthcare and want to transition to a management position in the business side of the industry. This degree will lead to jobs that have less to do with patient care and focuses more on the business involved with running the facilities that patients are treated at. Training, supervising, and managing finances are all important skills to master while earning your degree.


Another fast growing occupation in healthcare is nutritionist. A nutritionist must receive their bachelor degree and license. Their job is to advise people on proper nutrition and help them meet their personal diet goals in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Many online programs are available for study in dietetics. The outlook for nutritionists is growing at a faster than average rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Radiologic Science

One great field that those interested in healthcare should consider is radiology. Opportunities in the medical imaging field can lead to positions in radiologic operation, education and equipment, or possibly a management position. You can earn an online bachelor’s degree in radiology to help you enter this high demand field from several accredited schools. It is important to do research to decide which program is right for you. A quality program will leave you equipped to succeed personally and professionally.


Students studying online for their bachelor's degree in nursing will take a variety of courses including psychology, chemistry, anatomy, and sociology. A constantly changing digital world means that students must keep up-to-date on patient care systems and medication delivery methods. Nurses have great earning potential and low unemployment rates. Having a four year degree can help nursing students secure management positions that can increase their earning potential. Nurses must pass board testing and complete clinical hours in order to work in most settings.

Studying online for your healthcare degree can make it easier for you to reach your earning potential from the comfort of your home. It does take dedication and hard work to complete these programs, but each holds the promise of job prospects that are in demand and likely to increase in the foreseeable future.

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