Want Career Flexibility? 5 Industries that Provide a Wide Variety of Jobs

These days, most people don’t keep the same job for their entire working career. Some people prefer to stay with the same company, in the same position, or doing the same job for years and years. However, some of us get restless, and need more variety in our career path in order to keep things interesting. If you are one that embraces change, and plans to have variety in your career, you’ll want to pursue an industry that will allow for flexibility.
In some industries, many of the jobs are the same, and there isn’t much room for growth or change after your first or second promotion. On the other hand, there are fields that once qualified, you’ll have your pick at dozens of jobs and companies that need your skillset. If you are going to invest in your future by completing a training or degree program, why not pursue something with some flexibility? The following industries provide a wide variety of jobs, companies, and positions for those who need a career with plenty of variety.


The healthcare industry has become one of the most diverse areas to work in. There are several directions you may choose to go depending on your skills and preferences. Some healthcare workers prefer to work directly with patients. Jobs that work with patients directly include: nursing, medical assisting, doctors, and many others. Healthcare jobs are in high demand, and every city needs doctors and nurses, so you’ll have the freedom to move around as you like and still be able to find a job. There are also areas of healthcare that deal more with business and management. After all, someone has to run the facilities that treat patients. In many cases, individuals will start out in patient care and move on to management positions throughout their career.


The field of engineering also holds many possibilities for job variety. First of all, you’ll have the choice between studying civil, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering—plenty of options await the engineering student. Once you’ve received your education and training, there will be a lot of jobs waiting for you. According to professionals at Ohio University who offer a masters in civil engineering, the engineering field has one of the highest demands for jobs right now, and a high level of job placement after graduation. As an engineer, you’ll have your choice of working in construction, research, government, software, manufacturing, teaching, and much more. 


The field of law is much more than just lawyers making their case in court. Behind every great lawyer is a great paralegal preparing their case, making phone calls, and doing the research necessary to win. Other positions in the law field include law clerks, judges, and mediators. If you do go the lawyer route, there are endless specialties that are available to practice. Some lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom while others spend all their time there. Some choose to defend others to prosecute. There are lawyers that work with insurance agencies, the IRS, or personal injuries. You could even end up in the legal department at a fancy Fortune 500 company. Whatever your interest, you can find a job in law that fits.


As technology advances, there is always a need for professionals who are up to date on the latest changes. IT professionals maintain, develop and ensure security for technology systems System analysts, computer programmers, support specialists, and many other positions are always in demand. These days, most companies need an IT professional, even if their business isn’t necessarily computer or technology-based. Not only does this area provide plenty of flexibility and variety, but jobs in this industry are often plentiful and high paying.


If you are hoping to be a manager someday, business is a good route to take. A degree in business, and especially a Master's degree, can lead to plentiful opportunities. There are endless choices for specialties in business, especially when you have the education and experience to land the right job. Management, financial advising, human resources, and training and development are just a handful of positions that you could look into for business related occupations.

If you are looking for some flexibility in your career choice, look no further than one of the above choices. It is important to be happy with your job, or your motivation and work ethic may start to drop. By choosing an industry with plenty of variety, you’ll be able to find exciting new challenges throughout your entire career.

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