Opening for Senior Associate – Java and CTRM (Job Number: 193331)


The Role is for Senior Associate who can contribute for complex modules by bringing core Java technology expertise and relevant business expertise on Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) 

•Plays a significant role during the design and implementation of the technological solution for our  client.
•Involved in ensuring a quality technical design that satisfies the business requirements of the  client
•Involved in package evaluations and recommendations, communicating the technological details  of the project to the business users and workshops with the clients also participates in gathering  business requirements and assessing existing architectures and resources
•Provides leadership to the team by taking responsibility for a specific component or track of the  project architecture. By taking on this level of responsibility, spends more time overseeing the  tasks required to implement a solution rather than performing the tasks directly. This includes  planning, estimation, resource management, issue resolution and quality assurance 
•Prepares the technical design of the more complex technology components within the module  (one or more of client/web presentation tier, server tier, data access and data model, integration  component, package function customization)
•Drives design reviews of other modules and provides insightful comments to improve the design  quality and design conformance to standards
•Drives the performance tuning, re-design and re-factoring for a module
•Implements (hands-on) the module components based on Sapient and industry best practices
•Should be able to learn CTRM packages and devise ways to optimize in creation a solution for the  client

•Strong Development Skills in Java (JDK 1.5 OR 1.6)
•Java 5 Features: Enums, Annotations, Generics, Auto boxing, Loops, Concurrent APIs    etc.
•Strong OO design skills/implementation of design patterns
•Experience with Multithreading/Data Structures and Algorithms is highly preferred (not a mandate  though)
•Strong experience with J2EE, Core Java (Serialization, Synchronization, Concurrency,  Reflection),Frameworks/ORM tools (Struts/Springs/Hibernate/toplink/JPA/Ibatis etc.),   
 Presentation Layer (JSP/Servlet)/Web Services , Databases, Build and Release, Systems  Integration, Agile, Estimations/Planning, OOPS Concepts, Client Management/Interaction
•Can write complex queries involving multiple tables, self joins, inner and outer joins, inner queries,  group by functions etc.

Business Knowledge: CTRM domain and exposure to related packages

Personal Attributes: 
a.Strong and innovative approach to problem solving and finding solutions
b.Excellent communicator (written and verbal, formal and informal) 
c.Flexible and proactive/self-motivated working style with strong personal ownership of problem  resolution 
d.Ability to multi-task under pressure and work independently with minimal supervision.
e.Ability to prioritize when under pressure


Full Time Bachelor’s / Master’s degree (Science or Engineering preferred) 

Sapient Global Markets

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This is Job Opening at Sapient Gurgaon.

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