How To Make More Money Doing The Job That You Love

Most people pursue a particular career because it is something they enjoy doing. While this is important, it doesn't always offer the highest pay. Fortunately, you don't have to change your career path to increase your pay.

Develop Your Customer Base Via Social Networking

If you run your own business, brush up your social networking skills to expand your customer base. There are numerous online forums in which you can meet with potential buyers. If you provide a service and are limited by the distance you can travel, you can still target customers in your area.

Form Alliances

By working with other people in the same field, you can share resources such as rental space or equipment, increase income by expanding operations and decrease expenses. Two or more heads are very often better than one.

Share Your Skills

If you work in a field that requires creative or business skills, consider teaching those skills. Look into adult education and recreation center classes. These are run by civic groups who are always looking for new and interesting topics to draw in new participants.

Go Back to School

Advancing your education will always pay off. In some professions, a graduate degree results not only in a pay increase, but also more responsible positions, such as an online master's in aging. You may need to get a degree if you would like to go into teaching. Whatever your field, getting a higher degree will almost always equal better pay.


Take on a paying apprentice. An apprenticeship is somewhat different than teaching. Apprenticeships are currently making a comeback as a solution to serious skills gaps in the workplace.

Write About What You Do

If you truly love what you do, blogging about it should come very easily. New and engaging online content is always in demand, and your enthusiasm will attract followers which will in turn attract advertisers. Self-publishing a book online for electronic formats is easier than ever, and can bring in a nice stream of revenue when you find an audience.

Initiative and expertise are the keys to making more money while doing what you love. Develop a well-thought-out plan, commit to it and watch the benefits and the dollars start rolling in.

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