Valentine's day Special with Baggout

Well I got up on Valentine's day thinking about the last minute online shopping I did a day before for my wife to arrive as it was promised to get within 24 hours and about 11 Am it was at my home.Luckily My Wife was busy in kitchen so I told her It was the usual mail from the bank.
So my Gift was still kept as a surprise.But Suddenly I thought I wish I had ordered chocolates as well and suddenly I realize there were chocolates in my hand,I thought It might be a dream so pinched myself and thought It must drizzle today and it did actually started drizzling , it took me no time to realize that what ever I was thinking was actually happening , It was some kind of a superpower I had suddenly got.
I thought why not use this superpower to make this years Valentine's Day special for my wife.So I told here that I have a surprise for her and she should get ready with our kid as we were going out somewhere.Quickly she got ready as did the kid and soon we were at the airport and I had the tickets to Paris via my superpowers.I have been thinking to get her to Paris because last time when I was there also I realized it was the perfect place for the loved ones to be at.
That's the picture I clicked when I was in Paris just in front of the Eiffel Tower.

So Now we were all ready to have the most romantic dinner at the top of Eiffel tower where the whole Tower was reserved just for us and we enjoyed the lights show from the top of the tower.And If that was not enough I also had the tickets to go to Disneyland Paris.We had lot of fun taking all the rides which seemed all too romantic and we were so happy when the Kid enjoyed the same as well. 
Suddenly My wife asked about our Domestic help who always wanted to have the fun riding on the joy rides and we were spending too much on the rides here in Disneyland. At that moment I told her about the superpower and she said why not use the super power to make our domestic help happy on this day.And in a blink we were back in India , took our domestic help and went to the nearest joy ride center and asked the cashier to give rides for free for every underprivileged children who wishes to have them.It was a moment which the kids enjoyed a lot and were very happy.
Suddenly I realized that she had started shouting for no reason.I was surprised and when I opened my eyes I just realized that I had overslept and was really late for office and Its still 10 days to go for Valentine's.I guess Its time to do some online shopping.

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