Why Students Can’t Start Career

In a perfect world, student would get a job just after graduation, because they have profound knowledge, skills and, of course, diploma. But, in real life such factors are not always the most important and lots of recruiters can prove this fact. One of the experts of the leading companies shared his experience about having an interview with the specialist, who had an excellent resume and necessary skills to cope with new duties but the applicant didn’t reveal any passion and interest to this job. At the same time, there were students, who have made an internet research about the company and it was some sparkle in their eyes that made the recruiter hire him immediately. It is quite enlightening example, but there are many other reasons why graduates cannot start their career. They Are Sloppy We all know how important the first impression is, but we usually think about appearance first. Though, lots of applicants forget that all their pieces of writing should be more than neat and accurate. The way you write and how many mistakes you make in resume or cover letter characterize you more vividly than clothes or haircut. That’s why, if you had bad grades for academic papers, it is safer to apply to Essay Online Store and ask professionals to proofread every word written by you. Well-build, error free work is the great way to show your deep knowledge and ability to express thoughts. 

They are not Insightful on Social Media 
Social media is a powerful weapon both for job-seeker and hirers. Downloading photos and posting some information, students usually underestimate the impact it can have. Actually, they don’t usually think about it at all. Obviously, before making a decision to hire you or not, employer would prefer to see who you are and google your name to get more information than your resume offers. So, it is high time to look through your accounts again and think what you want to make visible and what kind of impression could be created. 

They Have Negative Attitude 
Nearly all interviewees come to the meeting with positive thoughts about the prosperous future. However, there are quite many people, who are still in habit of complaining of their former boss or imperfections of the system in general. We all have some worries and discontent, but at the same time every leader wants to have people with positive thinking in his team. Otherwise this sully element will poison the entire atmosphere in the company. So, the successful strategy is underlining advantages and sincere smile. 

They Smell Bad 
All people feel nervous before the interview and some of them try to calm down smoking cigarettes. At the same time meeting numerous people the employer can feel irritated and such smell will not make the situation better. Interviewees have also to be very careful with the perfumes. You never know what kind of allergy or preferences your interlocutor has. That’s why the best way to prevent unpleasant effect is just to be clean and fresh. 
They Don’t Do Any Researches

It was mentioned about this problem at the beginning of the article, but it is necessary to highlight the importance of thorough preparation for the interview. Employers want to be confident that they hire the person, who knows about the industry and the challenges he is going to face. Searching for a job is a fierce competition and it is necessary to take all nuances into consideration. So, make sure that you are aware of every factor that can kill your chances.

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