Four ways to surviving office politics on your own

We all hear people cribbing about one another at the office and think about whether we also are a victim of this cribbing behind our backs. The maneuvering that goes on within the office and manipulative tactics to fool your managers or bosses around into something are all very common instances at work. All such situations and activities are often termed the office politics or work politics. The literal meaning of office politics is anything which is manipulative and negative and that goes around between groups of people without others having any information about it.
Office politics result in two reasons, one being employees not happy with the management decisions and the way they work around or secondly to counter demotivation at work. It is a result of employees taking the situation into their own hands and turning it into their advantage with grouping and grapevines. Throughout the world, office politics are considered to be one of the most negative aspects of the organization and if there is any politics within office it means that the managers need to sort the issue out without letting the negativity affect the décor and mechanism of the department or organization. Some employees are weak personality wise and think it is not possible for them to survive office politics. Today’s guest post will talk about four ways through which one can survive office politics on their own.
Make politics work for you
The first thing to ensure your survival with office politics is to accept and know what is going on around you. Being innocent and naïve is not the right approach to counter the challenge of office politics. It is important for you to adapt in such a way that office politics and all the cribbing works for you. This does not mean you have to be a part of something negative, but making such relations in office that people just do not want to manipulate you or put you in a negative frame of mind.

Understand the informal circle within office
There are two major channels in office that go around. One is the formal reporting and circle and the second is an informal one. Formal circle will be something which you already know, but informal circle is something that you will have to find out yourself. So getting to know the informal circle where all this information flows and becoming part of it so you know what is going is important to your survival.

Focus on work other than anything else
Action speaks louder than words is true with organizations as well. Sometimes it is not necessary to prove yourselves through your relationships and groups. It is more important to prove how good you are at work and what you contribute to the organization. So sometimes to survive dirty office politics try to focus more on work and making an impression on everyone, which makes you stand out.

Neutralize negative play
Surviving office politics is not just limited to taking out your name or yourself of something negative. It is also important that when you hear something going on, try to neutralize it without allowing it to spread a lot and this can also be a healthy contribution from your end to the organization.

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