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“Just graduate from college an everything is going to be ok!“ I’ve heard this sentence hundreds of times, my teachers were saying that to me, parents, older sister, etc. I was sure that the college diploma is a key to success, but if you are in a situation like me (poor parents and no chances for scholarship), getting that key looks impossible!
After graduation from high school I was trying to get any decent job that doesn’t involve waiting tables, cleaning rooms or working in a kitchen. You will be surprised, but finding job like that, isn’t easy at all; I was trying everywhere for months, but without any luck.
Fast food
Since I didn’t have any money I had to start working in a fast food restaurant. My job was to help in the kitchen, it wasn’t too demanding but the pay check was small. After a couple of months I’ve asked manager if I could be a waiter, because it was clear that the waiter are making much more money than I was. I started as a “busboy” and soon enough I was promoted to be a waiter.
Money was better, but not good enough for me to save for the college scholarship; job was more interesting than in the kitchen, but I was sure that I don’t want to do that my whole life. So I was thinking and searching online on how to increase my chances to find a better job and I’ve found various online courses on different subjects: public speaking, computer courses, leadership, internship, writing courses, etc. 
Boosting the confidence and getting new skills
Advantage of these courses it that you can take them online, from your home (if you want), and they are not too expensive. While saving money for one of them I was trying to decide which one to take (I knew that I would not take a course online, but in person); and I took two. I was attending a business writing course and public speaking course. Each of them lasted for 2 days and teachers told us not to stop learning, to explore that subjects and to improve our knowledge.
Business writing course helped me to express myself clearly and to make the difference between what is important and what not, on a job hunt. Public speaking course, which involved giving speeches in front of the teacher and other attendants, helped me to organize my thoughts and express them in a right way, which was extremely helpful for my future job interviews.
Soon after, my new skills helped me to get to the position of the assistant manager in my restaurant. I was doing that for 9 months, when I saw an ad for a job that one of the law firms in my city was looking for an assistant to help them with the receiving mail, deliveries and various other stuff.
Law career
I was confident and I knew that I have to try to get that job. My business writing skills helped me to write and send them good CV and coverletter and my public speaking skills helped me to convince them that I was the right guy for the job. Fifteen days later, and I wasn’t assistant manager at the fast food restaurant anymore, because I’ve became “court runner”.
My job was to be a messenger,  to file documents with the court and to perform other errands for law firm lawyers and staff. Job was great, people (co-workers) was great, I was happy and after year and half I’ve decided to start saving for a law school. My salary gave me the possibility to save money and still to have enough for a decent living.
With a help from a few colleagues from work I started learning for a law school entrance examination, took it and passed. I’m now proud 3rd year student at one local university, paying my own scholarship.
When it comes to my future career I’m hoping to be a successful lawyer one day. I still have a part time job at my law firm and hopefully one day, when I get a degree, I won’t be a court runner any more.

About the author: Thomas James is  electrical engineer and entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. From personal experience gives advice on how he managed to advance as a businessman. In his spare time he is engaged in car racing, organizing family life and travel.

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