The Most Exciting Careers Available To Students Interested In Health

If you prefer to work in a fast-paced and exciting industry rather than file paperwork in an office cubicle all week long, the healthcare and medical fields may offer the exhilarating work environment you are looking for. Not only are health-related careers exciting, but they are also financially rewarding.

Registered Nurse

Nurses are the front liners in the medical field. They are in charge of collecting data from the patient including health history, lifestyle and medication. The job requires you to be on your toes for the entire shift as you admit new patients and discharge those who are already well and can be taken home. In between, their day is interspersed with routine vital signs monitoring and rounds with doctors.


The work environment of a surgeon is anything but boring. There are different kinds of surgeons, each with their specialization. Determine what body system you're interested in and then pursue accordingly. The education timeline to become a surgeon may reach up to eight years, but the profession pays for itself.

Healthcare IT Manager

Hospitals have slowly transitioned from manual to automated recording. As a result, IT specialists have become more vital to their operations. Healthcare IT managers facilitate patient records, billing, and data collection. Aside from hospitals, healthcare IT managers are actively sought after by biomedical scientists who need the expert skills of IT professionals in interpreting data and designing models of pathology. Although the job does require you to sit in front of a computer screen, it does require you to be continuously moving and processing large amounts of data.

Pharmacy Technician

If you have good memorization skills and prefer to work with fewer people, a job as a pharmacy technician may suit you. Pharmacy techs are trained to prepare and distribute medication ordered by physicians. The job duties can be complex due to the arrival of new approved drugs in the market. Pharmacy technicians may work in drug stores, hospitals and laboratories, offering many options for places of employment. Getting a job as a pharmacy technician has promising and exciting career opportunities.


If you are physically fit and want to help those in distress, study to become a paramedic/EMT. Paramedics are the rescuers during emergencies and disasters. They are the first to respond and are trained specifically to administer immediate care between the site of emergency and the hospital. The shortage in paramedics/EMT also gives you more employment opportunities as soon as you graduate from the program.

Working in healthcare can be very rewarding, and requires different levels of training and responsibility. Be sure to consider all of your options to determine what health career would be suit your goals and lifestyle.

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