How top brands are using HR apps for recruitment and training

According to a report published by Gartner, by the end of 2014, 70% of businesses registered in Forbes Global 2000 organizations will have at least one “gamified” application.

One of the industries where “gamified” applications are consistently displaying radical changes is Human Resources (HR). HR offices have begun embracing applications to help them select, develop and motivate employees.

Gamification features adds a fun feature in HR processes like training and recruitment. For example, HR professionals find it very easy to connect with users by implementing an element of prizes in a process; active users get acknowledgment if they finish tasks quickly. This framework helps users feel more accomplished and engages users in a healthy competition.

As studies keep on showing that gamification can enhance learning, participation and motivation, more organization will start procuring HR apps.

Modern day web and mobile apps are generally helping HR. However, Recruitment and Training are two fundamental departments which are using these apps quite brilliantly. Let’s see some examples from the professional world.

Recruitment HR Apps
Marriott International is a big name in hospitality industry offering services in hotel and resorts industry. With more than 4,000 properties in over 80 countries. In order to expand outside US, they need a young, reliable and diverse workforce.
Marriot used Facebook’s large audience around the globe for their workforce. The Facebook app My Marriott Hotel asks users to pick a hotel staff character and manage their virtual hotel. To keep users interested in a meaningful gameplay, the app offers different rewards. The app offers hospitality industry’s insights to users who are willing to join the workforce. The game was such a success that they have added another game into their arsenal, Xplor, which helps attract young people to the Marriott Hotel’s brand.

Uber is an international taxi company without having a single car in their carpool. The mobile app helps users book an Uber Car to travel around the city. Currently, it is working in more than 300 cities worldwide.
In order to work their idea, they need to attract car owners to sign up and become their driver. So, they created an app that allows potential employees to test their capabilities and increase their confidence.
The app “UberDrive” is a game that displays what it’s like to be an Uber driver. The app asks users to pick users and drop them to their destination within San Francisco. The app also offers users to directly sign up to become an official Uber driver.

Training HR apps
The Tech Partnership
The Tech Partnership is an association which intends to guarantee that specialists in the UK have the fundamental advanced abilities to contend in the worldwide economy.

They wanted to build an app that could help their users to assess and improve their digital capabilities and skills on their own. So, they built Training App, an app which helps users assess their digital skills and abilities without any assistance from outside.

They added to a training app which allows users to assess their capabilities by means of videos and quizzes. The application incorporates gamification elements, for example, points and badges. It additionally tracks users’ performance and display their results with beautifully designed charts.

Deloitte is a professional audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk, and financial advisory service. It has more than 200,000 experts offering services to their worldwide clientele. In order to engage their users in a better self-learning process, they built a web learning program called “Deloitte Leadership Academy app.”

Deloitte joined forces with Badgeville to “gamify” the learning process. To make things more interesting, they offer different rewards for players. For example, badges, missions and leaderboards. This engages users more into the learning process while having a lot of fun. Users can play the game on the web as well as on the mobile. The app was a huge success, as more than 20,000 players played the game since its inception.

HR applications are an extraordinary approach to recruit, engage and train employees. Recruitment applications permit potential workers to evaluate and test their own abilities. They become mindful of their suitability for roles, which gives them trust in their aptitudes to apply for those roles.

On the other hand, training applications urge existing employees to engage in a learning process that will ultimately enhance and improve their existing abilities and skills. This will eventually help them grow as their career progresses.

We have already witnessed several fascinating case studies. So, that we can say that fate of mobile HR applications for recruitment and training looks significantly encouraging.

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