Blunders to avoid at an interview

When a person is looking for a job, sending a job letter along with a resume or CV to the firms is the first step. But if one does not get an interview call, then the situation gets disappointing. One may want to try again and on getting an interview call, must ensure not to make certain blunders that would spoil your image in front of the employer. Following are a few interview blunders that a candidate usually makes while being interviewed. Make sure to avoid these at any cost.
Not being prepared

If you are not aware of the background information of the company you are going to be interviewed, then you would not stand a chance of making through to the shortlisted candidates. You must go through the history of the company, its mission statement and other details on the website of that company. You may even print it out so that you may read it again right before the interview and would have a refreshed memory. Even the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages can be checked out too, if the need be.

Inappropriate dressing

For a managerial position in a company, one must wear a formal suit, and while going for a summer job, neat and casual attire would be sufficient. In case, you cannot decide what to wear, go to the company and look at the employees’ attire to have an idea.

Not making a connection

While being interviewed, make sure to connect positively with the interviewer. For this, shake hands with enthusiasm, engage the person while maintaining an eye contact and in turn, exude confidence. Before even answering a question, the interviewer would know that you will be the perfect choice for that job.

Answering cell phones or being too casual

Never answer a cell phone when it rings during an interview. Keep it on silent instead. Also, never bring in coffee or food to the interview room. Only you, your job application, resume and your list of references are sufficient enough.
Talking a lot

Do not tell your whole life story in reply to a question; make your answers brief, yet succinct so as to make the interviewer interested.

Not talking enough

It is difficult to talk to someone who gives a one or two word answer to every question that is asked. Try to be responsive and completely answer the questions to the best of your ability.
Giving unclear facts

Before an interview starts, you might be also requested to fill out a job application form. Make sure that you know the necessary details that would be needed to complete the application, such as the dates of earlier employment, dates of graduation as well as the employer’s contact information in the past you worked for.
Not giving the right answer

Some candidates are so much panicked or excited during an interview that they do not carefully listen to the question and answer whatever they think the interviewer was going to question them about. Make sure to gather your thoughts before responding to a question always.

Criticizing ex-employers

Even if you hated your last job, the boss as well as your colleagues, never makes the blunder of expressing it to the person interviewing you. Companies do not hire such people who badmouth a company during an interview, make sure to keep that in mind.

Not following up

Even if you think that you aced the interview or did not do good, you must follow up by writing a thank you note, stating your eagerness in getting the position in that company.

Even if your interview didn’t go well, do not take it to heart as everyone must have blown an interview once or even twice in their life. If such is the same case with you, consider it as an experience and prepare for the opportunities to come!

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