The ways to overcome the most common work mistakes

The professional world is all about managing yourself to the best possible extent and ensuring
everything goes right. However, when you work for a long period of time and your work involves lots of stress, pressure and over-the-head stuff, then you are bound to make mistakes. The unique difference between machines and humans is the fact that humans are liable to make mistakes at one point in time and machines can go on for years doing the same thing thousands of times without making a single error.
Whenever you make a mistake in the professional world, things can get really serious. This is because projects, money, time, clients and brands are at stake here. Things are much more real than they were probably when you were in school. So each mistake can cost you a lot if it goes in ignorance. Hence, for this reason, every mistake is taken as a disaster and a lesson for employees to learn, improve and not to repeat it again and again. Mistakes not only can cause you a serious loss, but a bundle of mistakes can also cost you your very own appraisal. Today’s blog is going to talk about four ways to overcome the most common work mistakes that you are bound to make.
CC instead of a BCC
A lot of time more so in your first few months will happen that you are sending an email to a group of people and instead of BCCing it to them, you actually CC it to everyone. What now will happen is that the email becomes an open group thread with participants not only able to view the content, but also who it has been sent to. So you are in trouble if you did not want that to happen and also if someone replies to it, everyone in the email will get that reply. This means you are spamming people with emails now. To survive it, first wait for people to see and respond. If they do not respond, this means there is no issue, but if they do, then reply back with an apology asking them to individually reply to you.
Being late to the meeting
When you are late to the meeting, first of all never put yourself in anxiety and bomb your way by making a lot of noise. Stand for ten seconds behind the door, calm yourselves down and go inside. Sooner you sit down, start contributing to the conversation and in the end, apologize to the person you interrupted when you entered.
When you miss a deadline
This is the most common mistake, you can forget things at times. The best way to survive this is to stall. You can email whoever you have to send something to by saying that you want to ensure the credibility of information and work to be 100% correct and five star which is why it is taking time and then make sure you finish the work as soon as possible.
When your phone rings in the meeting
Again an awkward scenario, but the most common one, the phone has now rung and you cannot do anything about it, quickly cancel the call or receive it and later apologize.

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