Better Office Organization – Better Working Results

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No matter how much we enjoy our creative mess, one thing is certain: if you are working in an office and are surrounded with a team of people, you will need to have a well-organized space in order to provide the best results. An office that is well-organized can have great impact on many different aspects in the company. It can boost employee’s productivity and make them work more efficiently and effectively. So in order to achieve these results, we provide you with a few simple tips for a better office organization.


The first and perhaps the most important thing when it comes to office organization is creating a smart layout of the office space. This means making sure that everyone has its own place and that everything is positioned in order. An office fit out is a great way of creating a productive environment and better working conditions for everyone in the office. Just make sure that the office is set out in a way where everyone has their own privacy, but at the same time they are not secluded and can function as a team. This is a very important aspect of creating a good working environment.

De-Clutter Your Desk

The second thing you need to do in order to create a good environment for working is to clear out your desk from all the unnecessary things. Having a neatly organized desk can greatly contribute to feelings of productivity and may just boost your own. Make sure to keep only the basic supplies on your desk that will be in hands reach. Do not hoard your table with unessential things that you do not use in every day work.

Desktop Organization

Another very important thing is clearing and organizing the desktop on your computer. A good idea is to have everything neatly organized and divided by separate folders so you would always know where to find your important files. This goes not only for the desktop but for all your computer files as well. Organizing and clearing your e-mail is another thing that could be of use for you. Also, make sure to have two separate e-mail addresses; one personal and one which will serve as your office e-mail.

File Storage

When it comes to keeping track of all your important files and data, the best solution is having separate storage spaces. This can easily be accomplished by keeping them in different drawers and using folders of different colors. Using document trays is also a very good way of separating all your important files. This can be a good idea for separating already processed documents and those that are still not handled.


One of the most underestimated things of office organization is labeling things. This goes especially for big office spaces where a lot of work is done and has a huge flow of information. Label everything that is of any importance for you. This can be arranged by colors, words, small pictures or any kind of mark that works best for you. Remember that even the smallest changes can make a big difference in an office.

A well-organized space is a crucial point in boosting the productivity in the office. In order to achieve the best results, the best solution is to follow a few of these simple tips and create a good working office surrounding.

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