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Business analysts and statisticians like to strip down business efficiency to sheer numbers. While productivity and business success can be observed from that point of view, positive results will be yielded only by satisfied workers. So, in order to reach your business goals and positive figures, it is essential to take good care of your employees. Dealing with employees in a humane way is an art, a philosophy, but also a practical niche with some pretty straightforward common places.

Be a good listener
If you have decided to launch a startup, you must be aware of the fact that your employees have to be the center of your managerial work. Of course, you need to have a business plan and goals, but it will all depend on the way you pay and treat your employees. First of all, every startup owner or manager needs to be a good listener. Regardless if your employees have problems related to work or some personal issues, you should go the extra mile to help them. On the other hand, if your employees realize you do not concern yourself with their struggles, they will not respect you as a person, which will make your business stall.

Objective feedback
Honesty is something that has always been and will always be appreciated. When an employee comes up with a business idea that boosts the position and reputation of the startup, they have to be rewarded for such a contribution. Nevertheless, a business professional should point to mistakes, as well. Now here is where successful managers differ from those less skilful ones. The skill of giving objective feedback is something that can be developed and learned. The key feature in this process is treating every single employee equally. It is very similar to being a teacher – you have to be neutral and fair to everybody, to win their trust and respect. Managers can find out more about ways of communicating feedback in a useful piece brought by the Harvard Business Review.

Health care
Every company is legally obliged to provide healthy workplaces for their employees. It means that offices and business premises have to be clean, so as not to harm their employees' health. In addition, workers should under no circumstances work in damp and moldy offices. Moreover, companies also need to ensure that every worker is offered various health benefits. While this is not obligatory, it could certainly be that thin line between keeping skilful employees and losing them. Well-educated and highly skilful workers can always choose among numerous business offers, so if you want to target such audience, make an additional effort and offer them as comprehensive health care as you can afford.

Office features
Lingering over the cool and comfy premises of the world's leading companies is simply pointless. Startups cannot compete with large enterprises in terms of expensive lounge areas and exquisite offices. However, what they can do is make sure that their workers have all the essential office features that are truly necessary. First of all, ergonomic office equipment is a must for long office hours. A responsible employer must buy ergonomic chairs for their office, as well as equip it with office desks that will make the work a pleasant experience. If the chairs are cheap and desks are too low or too high for a worker, they will reduce overview of worst and best office designs, published by the Washington Post.

productivity and cause health issues, too. Beside that, every office has to have a substantial amount of natural light and enough work space for every employee. Have a look at an

Managers who are eager to keep developing themselves, as well as their businesses will always work hard to improve their governing skills. Let your employees always be aware that they can rely on you. It is more important to them than high salaries and lush offices. Bear that in mind when dealing with your workers and lead a successful startup career. 


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