9 Weekend Habits of Highly Successful People

There are tons of articles about what the rich and successful people of this world do every day, from morning till dawn, how they work and what are their life principles. But what do they actually do when they get a break from their work and it’s a weekend/holiday time?

Knowing how to recharge your batteries is crucial for good performance.  Your whole life and work efficiency depends on it. I’ve gathered some facts from numerous interviews and books written by successful people regarding how they spend their days off work. Why don’t you try doing this as well?

1.    Relax
Being wealthy doesn’t necessary mean working around the clock. It’s important to know when to let your mind and body rest. Doctors, life coaches and even scientists claim that over the years our regular workload increased drastically and the accepted amounts of rest are not enough for our body.

So the rule is – let work for Monday through Friday, have fun on weekends!

2.    Plan and strategize
Weekend is the best time to plunge into a reflective state and strategize, create visions and plans. This can be a micro-plan for the week ahead of you, as well as some broader goals and actions.

3.    Socialize with family
Successful people spend their weekend time improving their emotional connection with the closest ones. This doesn’t only improve their general health, but also contributes to their happiness level and makes them better at interpersonal skills.

4.    Spend time outside
Walking, horseback riding, camping – successful people never miss out on the opportunity to connect with nature and get a fresh doze of oxygen for their brain and body. You may think that they buy summer houses for status and prestige, but they actually confess that they need it to gain energy from forests, lakes and rivers.

5.    Turn off wi-fi and 4g
There’s a popular trend called JOMO (the joy of missing out) that is often practiced by the successful people in this world when they become more attached to the moment “here and now” and don’t let anything distract them. The best time to do it is over weekend of course.

6.    Do manual things
Modern people make most of their money through calls, emails and meetings. It’s been a while since we actually MADE something for living. Successful people know that manual tasks develop our brain and neural system, so they spend time cooking, gardening or even fixing something.

7.    Don’t oversleep
Despite the temptation, keeping to your regular schedule will only benefit your body. If you want to make up for some lack of sleep during the week – then go to bed earlier than usually, but try to wake up around the same time as during the week.

It takes a lot of time and effort to find your perfect sleep pattern, but once you discover it, keeping to it 24/7 is a must.

8.    Eat proper meals
Weekend is the best time to actually spend time on choosing our food right. Eating fresh market produce or home-made pizzas gives pleasure to our body and mood as well. Successful people choose what they eat just as carefully as what they invest in. And over weekend they also eat slowly, together with people, instead of a tablets or smartphones.

9.    Practice Meditation
This is not the place to discuss enormous benefits of meditation: it gives you peace, increases your self-awareness and consciousness, inspires you and makes you wiser.

No doubts weekend is the best time to practice it: when you eat right, turn off your connection to the entire world by cutting off the mail and messengers, exchange energy with family and nature – this is THE time to reach your inner core through meditation.

These are only some of the most common things the most prosperous and outstanding people of our society do during their free days. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you can think of other weekend habits that contribute to your personal growth and development!

Mary Brians is a professional career counselor and writer EssaySamurai.com. She has spent over 7 years around real students and graduates while watching their careers develop and their personalities grow. She is now sharing her experience and learning new trends through live interaction with users.

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