Play around with colors in the bedroom

A bedroom is your safe heaven. It’s your relaxing zone, after a whole day of work. Bedrooms need to have a feel you are comfortable in. Now a days as we all know the trends and styles have emerged with time things have changed, room decors and styles have gone through a drastic change too. The possibilities are infinite. We have got so many options for room decors. Some of the major color options you can choose from include:
·        White
·        Shades of grey
·        Beige
·        Deep navy blues
·        Browns
·        Pinks
·        Aqua

Neutral colors:
Choosing neutral, light and warm shades of paints always helps in opening up to more decorating options. These are the colors which can easily blend in with the other furniture items and they would look perfect with such tones as well. Know that it is your room, you can paint it in any color you want and mix and match is important too when it comes to decorating.
Play it right:
If you love yellow color you can paint the walls in yellow but then in placement of furniture items you will have to play with a balance. There are certain things you need to follow otherwise there is no set of rules which one strictly has to follow, painting yellow is fine but putting everything in the same color in the room would create a huge disaster making the room look like a sunflower and surely you would not want that.
White walls:
Decorating a room with white walls holds a lot of margin in placement of furniture items. You can use bold to refreshing and balanced shades like blues, reds, pinks etc in furniture items. Soft blue colors add a very peaceful ambience in the room giving you a very relaxing atmosphere whereas shades like red or yellow give a vibrant appeal to the whole bedroom even if it’s only used in the bed linens they still look very refreshing and lively.

Right amount of everything:
It is not just about the walls that need to be painted to add a contrast in the room. You can play simple with a nice neutral color and play with furniture items to get the colorful feel out of the room. To get that hip hop touch in the room you can try painting your wardrobe or bed which adds a very vintage touch to the bedroom and the furniture too. It is completely up to you on how you add life into a boring corner of your room. Use lots of lights in the bedroom to bring out the best of the colors used in the room.
Mix and match the colors:
You even have the option of making a room filled with lots of colors. A mix of colors in the seating corner, dressing side or on bed linens looks very lively and cool. The cool edge gives the room a lively style without putting a lot of effort.

Strong impressions matter:
Black contrast in furniture items like beds or bed linens with white or grey colored walls gives the bedroom a very strong and bold look. It also creates a flawless combination of a contemporary style in the bedroom.
Playing neutral is never going to get out of style. Your room is your empire, you have the power to create it in a way you want it to be. It’s completely up to you how you decorate or re-decorate your bedroom, as they say your bedroom is your sanctuary so do the justice to it.

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