How Digital and Social Features Will Affect Business in the Future

It seems today that the whole world is turning digital and social. And while these two terms are closely related, a clear distinction has to be made between them if you want to understand them and use their potentials in a proper way. This is why an ambitious business owner should pay attention to the next few paragraphs and find out more about the nature and benefits of each of those two phenomena.

Digital umbrella term
Every social media is a feature of the digital realm. However, not every aspect of digital marketing is connected with social media. For starters, digital marketing is the umbrella term that covers a wide range of different services and strategies. The main goal of each of them is to produce marketing content that will awaken interest in their target audience for certain goods, services, brands and other similar stuff. The term brand is the key element here. Business owners and company CEOs expect to raise awareness of their potential customers by using digital marketing strategies. While social media can be part of such a campaign, it does not have to be the case.

Traditional digital media
Although the term digital marketing has gained wider recognition with the development of the Internet, this concept also refers to some traditional media, too. For instance, television marketing and radio commercials can also be considered part of digital marketing. In addition, outdoor marketing features, such as billboards and other ads should be added to these types of marketing, as well. Since all those means of marketing are still popular with consumers, an astute business owner will not neglect the potentials of the non-Internet marketing features and their potentials. An all-inclusive approach to all the usable aspects of digital marketing is the winning combination for a safe and sound business future.
Web digital features
The basics of digital marketing definitely include search engine optimization – the famous SEO – as well as website design and raising brand presence in the online context. This is already the field in which the terms digital and social start overlapping. The thing is that it is almost impossible to promote your business and products in the online context without entering the social zone. After all, the targets of every promotion are Internet users and their use of the web is inseparably connected with the social features of the Internet.
Social media joining the party
Unlike digital marketing, which has been with us for decades, social media represent a new concept that is strictly connected with the rise of the web. Facebook was launched in 2004 and the world saw Twitter for the first time in 2004. Although their debuts on the Internet scene were successful, they have reached their full potential with the development of the smartphone market in the 2010s. As every smartphone user was able to spend more time communicating and hanging out via social media, their marketing potential grew exponentially. Only in 2015, the overall global revenue of social media marketing was about $25 billion, with an expected rise to $40 billion in 2017 [source]. In line with all these facts, social media are the goldmine of the digital future.
Joint social and digital effort
It is clear that a positive business result in the future will be reachable only through a joint effort of all the available digital and social features. However, business owners have to bear in mind that this is a long-lasting process that should include several stages. Firstly, it should start with a mixture of the aforementioned non-Internet digital places and social media. This is the least risky and most affordable way to attract the eye of the public to your brand. It is important to become noticed, but also not to waste too much money during the first stage. When the goals of the first stage have been reached, it is time for the next step. This includes launching a website and investing more in the brand itself. If your business is growing above and beyond your expectations, it would be smart to enrich it with a well-designed and secured ecommerce website, provided by Magento. Collaboration with such a renowned brand should in turn bring more customers during the social media promotion, too. 
Everybody who wants to become and stay a relevant player on the global business chessboard has to recognize the future trends in advance. The interdependence of digital marketing and social media will definitely rise to a higher level, which is why business owners should apply multi-tier development strategies to get ready for that new business future.

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