5 Ways to Defeat a Micromanager

There’s a thing that goes by leaving well enough alone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to fit well with bosses who like to micromanage. It’s just frustrating, to say the least for being monitored 24/7 by someone who lacks the skills and knowledge for doing that task.

Not to say that it is all bad, but it certainly is mostly bad. This is especially the case with employees who are the top crop of their group. Granted, having to manage a company is tiring work, but it doesn’t mean that you pay no heed to your workers and what they do best.

To stop this madness from getting any worse, here are some of the best ways to deal with a micromanager.

1.     Find the source of the problem

The first and most important thing to do is to find the source of the whole micromanaging thing. Perhaps there must be something that is wrong on your end. It could be that you’re either late for work or are constantly distracted from your work. If that is the case then you should learn to correct yourself.

That way you can earn the trust of your boss and they will stop probing you. But if the problem lies on their end, then you have to personally go to them and ask they are doing this. When you do this, you have to be calm and collected as they are a higher authority and you work for them.

Having a pleasant one-on-one conversation is the right way to handle this.

2.     Perhaps the boss is new to the job

Being new to management could prompt your boss to see exactly what kind of work you do. When that thought comes to mind, it is understandable why they would feel the need to monitor all that is going on. They have to make sure that everything is running and functioning so that they can be more at ease.

On their part, they feel that if they do not step up as a capable leader, their team members won’t take them seriously. Considering that, micromanaging is the only way that they will be able to know about the company and the jobs that are required.  

3.     Maybe it’s a medical condition

You may not know it, but the reason behind your bosses snooping around is the fact that they suffer from OCD. Usually, people with that medical condition have a tendency to ensure everything is spick and span. This entails a lack of trust in employees and dealing with a problem as a whole.

In that regards, there is little to nothing that you can do to fix this until your boss is able to fix this thing of theirs.

4.     Show them that you are competent and capable

Nobody likes to have other people calling the shots in what you are legitimately qualified for. You should take it upon yourself to convince your micromanager that you can do a fine job on your own. Work closely with the micromanager in order to change their style of managing.

Prove to them that you can give bigger and more positive results.

5.     Deal with this problem head on

After going through everything with your boss and your own, you have come to the conclusion that the problem rests with your boss. Therefore, you should confront them with this matter personally. There is nothing better to quell this problem than with a little proactive communication.

Your boss might not be able to recognize or admit their behavior at first, but if you calmly and openly express the results of their micromanaging to them, then they would be willing to change.

Author Bio: Jasmine Demeester is a proficient education consultant and an expert academic writer at a Dissertation Writing Service. She deals with those students who step in their professional lives.


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