Tips for Organizing Efficient Team-Building Events

A well-organized team is unstoppable. Give it an order and it will move mountains for you. Give it any kind of assignment and it will be resolved swiftly and without too much hassle. But, is it really easy to build such a team? Of course not. If it was, every company would be Apple. The truth is that team building requires a lot of hard work, good management and an endless number of hours put into team-building exercises and events. Let us see what you should do in order to organize one.
Decide What Type of Team-Building Event You Want to Have
Essentially, you can choose from three options:
  • Games. An excellent way to promote leadership, unity, coordination, cooperation, resourcefulness and other characteristics you would want your team to have. The best thing about the games is that they do that in a fun, organic and unobstructed way.
  • Problem solving activities. In this case, a supervisor creates an imaginary problem that puts everyone’s skills to test. Team members are forced to use each other’s strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses in order to solve the problem.
  • Workshops, trainings, and seminars. A more streamlined way to pass some knowledge to your team, but the one that strengthens the camaraderie, nevertheless.
Make the Content Relevant
Or, in other words, connect the challenges of the event to the struggles your team members face each day, which are the cause for organizing such an event. Otherwise, your team-building efforts will very quickly slip into mindless fun, and its effects will wear off even quicker.
Make Event All-Inclusive
Tasks that your team is going to face during the event should not be too physically demanding for any individual member. Anyhow, in majority of cases, fitness and physical activity won’t even be the goal of the activity. So look carefully at your team’s composition, examine individual fitness levels and create something that will work for everyone.
Create an “Icebreaker”
Typically, team members have a problem opening to each other at the start of the event. Waiting for them to do that on their own initiative can take too much time. That is why you should organize some kind of warm up or “icebreaker” that will help them click with each other faster. This kind of activities may include anything from simple introduction, to something more elaborate as a guessing game.
Follow up on the Previous Activities
Your team-building events shouldn’t be imagined as miraculous single-dose cure-alls. Instead, they should form a logical and well thought-out string of activities that takes into consideration the previously acquired knowledge and uses it for solving new problems.
Find the Perfect Location
Good team-building activities should take the team members out of their comfort zone both mentally and physically. So, don’t be afraid to drag them out of the town if you have to. Fortunately, any reliable bus hire agency from Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any major city will be more than capable to take you to even the most exotic destinations.
Don’t Forget Debriefing
One of the most common mistakes team-building supervisors continue to make is that they focus too heavily on the very activities and put too little effort into monitoring and recording data. So, don’t forget – it’s not over until debriefing. That’s the only way to get the building blocks for the future advancements.
Hire the Professionals
Finally, if you have problem envisioning or organizing these events, why wouldn't you ask for the help of a trained professional? People who are experienced in this particular area will provide you with great ideas on the possible activities, help you to interpret their results and come out with a meaningful follow up.
Team-building events can be a powerful tool for turning a bunch of talented individuals into unstoppable and efficient machinery whose every part has its place and function. Use the tips we gave you and you will be much closer to achieving those results.

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