How well You’re Aware of Office Etiquettes?


It has been seen frequently that whenever beginner employees step into the professional field, they don’t take it seriously; neither have they seemed to give any importance to the office environment to adjust them well.
An office is a place that provides people a platform to showcase their skills and establish themselves as highly competent individuals. But unfortunately, some people do not realize that. If you take a look around at your daily environs, you will find many people telling you such stories.
They will be whining over the fact that their colleagues, despite being highly experienced and highly qualified do not behave well. What is the reason? The reason is, they lack office etiquettes.

Do you know what is Office Etiquette?

The proper office etiquettes comprise a set of norms widely accepted as appropriate behavior. They may include having good manners and being courteous of others, as well as using workplace technology in a suitable manner.
For those who believe that laughing insanely, talking rudely, or sitting roughly on office chair is a sign of being confident in friendly environment – this post is a great answer telling useful tips on office etiquette.

1.    Regularity & Punctuality

The very first rule at the top of a list is your punctuality and regularity. Being punctual says a lot about your personal values. Arriving constantly late is considered to be giving a silent message that you don't care.
Same goes with scheduled and committed meetings. If you're not punctual or often take leaves; you give the impression you don't have a responsible attitude at work.

2.    Don't use slang or text language

No matter how friendly your boss or seniors are; never take this ease for granted. Never use slang or text language while writing an official email, letter, or anything. Don’t assume, whatever you write, it’ll be taken in an appropriate way until and unless your content is not written in correct English.
Similarly, if you work for online companies, then treat online communication in the same way; it doesn’t matter you’re working at a traditional workplace, or online; a professional email should be handled as a formal letter. The official emails are often saved in a company's record for years.

3.    Feel the magic of “Please” & “Thankyou”

Time and has changed everything, so does people perception, way of thinking, and use of language; yet two words have managed to retain their magic effect socially, morally, ethically, and particularly in the business world till now– I am talking about those words which our parents once used to teach us while telling about good manners “Sorry & Thank you
Using these words not only reveals an element of courtesy in your nature, but it also indicates your respect for people with whom you’re dealing. This trait will definitely bring you into a notice of your superiors, and boss and they will realize your pleasant personality.

4.    Respect another needs to work

Don’t bother your neighbor by start talking directly, it disturbs their privacy. Sitting next to you doesn't mean they are available for conversation at all times.
In case of any query or problem, first, ask if they have a moment to talk.

5.    Share the credit

Never take any credit for achievement alone, rather share it with your teammates. Not appreciating colleague's work can ruin your reputation.
According to some business experts, when you don’t share a credit, it makes you an agonistic person who only cares about his or her promotion.

6.    Don't get too personal

It’s good to develop strong bonding with your teammates, and other employees in staff; yet it's mandatory to leave some distance.
Don’t get too personal, and share everything, as it can leave you unarmed in the business environment, can make your colleagues feel uncomfortable, and can be threat for productivity.

7.    Be aware of smells

I have seen many people taking lunch at their desks, which results in leaving stains whether on their clothes or on working laptops which create problems and gives an untidy look as well.
Try to eat meals in a break room, dining hall, kitchen, or outside.

8.    Look at your dressing & outlook

Pay attention to your personal grooming as well, and dress elegantly. Many employees come in excessively rough and simple condition that often gives a weird look. It must be remembered that your physical appearance is very important in leaving an impression, as well as for your own personality.
Secondly, don’t overdo perfume as it can disturb that employee who are

9.    Think like a team

If you wish to work as a successful employee in a cohesive team, then never bow a seed of politics, or hypocrisy in an office environment. Avoid spreading gossip, it can cause another to feel like an outcast, or grumble about petty things.
Arrange regular or weekly meetings to share ideas, set goals, and talk about concerns.

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